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The Beauty and Use of Custom Made Tins

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Everyone throws away cardboard and plastic packaging. Notice you don’t even give this a second thought. But not tin packaging and decorative tin containers. Tin packaging offer companies a way to differentiate their products from all the other competitors on the store shelves. Ask yourself, “Which product would you be inclined to purchase? The ones in cardboard and plastic packaging or the one that says buy this product because it is a higher quality product?”

When in the process of designing packaging for your product(s), you owe it to yourself to know the benefits of tin packaging. When you consider these benefits, the cost of a tin container is easily justified. The cost of tin packaging is no longer the most important factor because a customer also places a premium on the additional benefits of your product inside a tin container. Companies can charge more for their products because of the higher perceived value. Imagine a back-to-school promotion with a retro tin lunch box as the packaging. Whoa!

Custom tin packaging is great for storage, but there are many other applications for the use of tin containers. They can be used for the gifting of cookies, cakes, and other gifts at Christmas time and throughout the year. Keep in mind the utilitarian use of a tin container when determining the size and shape and overall design of your tin container.

Keep in mind that women make about 80% of all purchasing decisions. When they look at a tin container they immediately have an idea of how that tin will be used. This is why often times women are willing to pay a little more for a product housed inside a tin container that has good utilitarian use.

Remember there is a very high perceived value placed on decorative tin containers. This high perceived value is reflected onto the product inside the container. Because of the high perceived value of a metal container, people will not throw the containers away and will find many uses after the product is consumed. This gives you ongoing and valuable brand exposure and the cost is easily justified because of the gift that keeps on giving – brand exposure for years to come!

It is very important to design a tin that the customer will have use for after the product is consumed. Whether it will be used to store paper clips, or jewelry, customers will immediately recognize a use for the tin container after the product is gone. This is why tins offer a great chase factor and collectability.

Make sure the size is ideal and will fit most standard pantry shelves height-wise. Lastly, tin is 100% recyclable . These days, customers are very environmentally conscious about the world they are going to leave for their children and future generations.

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