Product Tin Packaging Design Tips
October 6, 2021

Product Tin Packaging Design Tips to Market Your Brand

You may have paid attention to the quality of your products while manufacturing them. However,…
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Uses of Tin Containers
September 21, 2021

8 Creative Uses of Tin Containers and Boxes

Tins containers and packaging are gaining popularity in the beverage and food industry as they come…
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Child Resistant Packaging
September 8, 2021

Difference Between Child Resistant and Non-Child Resistant Packaging

Proper packaging plays a vital role in the growth of brand value and business. This…
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Tin Containers
August 25, 2021

Advantages of Using Tin Containers for Packaging

If you manufacture in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, containers are one of…
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Brand Exposure With Tin Packaging
August 11, 2021

Increase Brand Exposure with Reusable Tin Packaging

Businesses use different ways to attract customers' interest, increase sales, and develop loyalty. However, the…
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Child Resistant Tin Packaging for Cannabis Edibles
Cannabis Packaging
July 28, 2021

How to Choose Child Resistant Tin Packaging for Cannabis Edibles?

The makers of Cannabis edibles are continuously questing for some new styles and closures for…
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Tin vs plastic packaging
July 12, 2021

Tin vs Plastic Packaging: Which is Better?

In this article, we shall explore the benefits of tin packaging, the disadvantages of plastic,…
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Packaging Design Trends
June 27, 2021

Five Packaging Design Trends to Watch In 2021

Whether you’re designing packaging for candy, cookies, cakes, medicines, CDs, tea, coffee, pencils, cigarettes, tobacco,…
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Child Resistant Packaging
June 14, 2021

Child Resistant Packaging: FDA Requirements

The best child-resistant packaging tick the box in two key areas; First, they are designed…
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Product Packaging
May 31, 2021

3 Ways Good Product Packaging Can Help Grow Your Business

Proper product packaging does more than just housing your product. While it’s expected to serve…
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