3 Things to Consider When Designing Cannabis Packaging

By January 5, 2021Tins

The cannabis industry is no longer a budding idea.

This sector has seen massive recent growth with experts projecting up to a $73.6 billion market size by 2027. It’s a market with lots of opportunities. But if you’re in the business of selling cannabis-based products, there’s no doubt you need to be quite strategic in this branding and design-driven industry.

It is on this note that we compiled this guide on packaging design for the legal cannabis industry. If you’re looking to increase the sales of your cannabis products, the following three issues are worth your careful consideration.

1. Attracting Your Target Market

33 US states have legalized medical marijuana.

The cannabis market is growing significantly every day. But you don’t just churn out cannabis products without having a well-planned marketing strategy. This is important so you create the ideal brand with your consumer in mind.  Your products must appeal to the ideal consumer that has been properly identified and targeted.

You must develop an intimate understanding of your target audience. This is critical in creating a brand that includes why consumers will believe in your company philosophy as well as products. Important aspects of branding should include lifestyle; imagination; packaging innovation; passion; hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Consider the kind of beliefs experience to promote, as well as creating a strong brand identity and image that will resonate with your target audience.  Ignore at your own peril the consumer’s importance of the environment and packaging that is 100% recyclable, containing no plastic and more.

2. Balancing Design and Information

Cannabis packaging and branding are important to help build trust with customers. But these are also important to help provide information while still making the product and package design very appealing, safe and easy to use.

This is most important with medical marijuana products. Cannabis packaging for health-based products has a higher information burden. These pieces of information will include product dosing information, safe use instructions, batch numbers, expiry dates, and other information, which might vary from state to state.

3. Protecting Product Integrity

You could get the best marketing and package graphics in the world, but great packaging must provide child safety and be senior friendly.  Meeting safety requirements is critical.  You will be required to ensure child safety with child-resistant cannabis packaging, keep medical cannabis packaging tamper-evident, and ensure that product packaging is done in full compliance with both local and federal laws.

Maintaining product freshness is also extremely important as well as creating beautifully designed packaging.  All of these are important for your business’s continued growth.

Success in all three of this areas will help create the brand that will differentiate your brand rom the many competing brands.  At Tin King USA, everything we do revolves around the needs of our customers and to provide the expertise to “Do it right the first time”.

Tin King USA – Your Cannabis Packaging Solution!

We work with the medical and recreational cannabis industry to design cannabis packaging that protects the integrity of the products in the box and maximally designed to be child resistant.

We do all of these, while still ensuring your packaging is done to complement your brand image and identity. Creating effective packaging along with a strong brand identity will make allow your products to establish brand identity and to stand above the crowd.

At Tin King USA, you can rely on our expertise to “Think outside the tin box”.  Our proprietary product designs are innovative and will fit your budget based upon your brand goals and needs. We don’t mind raising your expectations because we will deliver on our promises.  You can trust us to assist you in developing beautifully designed tin packaging utilizing industry best practices and innovation.  Remember, “If you can think it, we can tin it!”

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