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Childproof Tin Boxes

Is Child-Resistant Packaging Necessary for My Product?

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Creating an attractive packaging design is always effective for branding. The main goal of your product package is to keep the content fresh. It also protects your product during the transit. However, you should not overlook consumers’ safety while creating the package design for your products. Most importantly, some product packages need to be child-resistant. If your product is unsafe for kids, you should invest in Child Resistant Packaging.

How to Know that Your Products Need Child-Safe Packaging-

A child-resistant box means the package cannot be opened by infants and kids. The Poison Prevention Packaging Act stated that the CPSC in the USA has imposed some regulations for a few products. You should buy Custom Child Resistant Tin Containers if your product can cause serious illness or injury to kids below 5. These children can open any normal box and access the content. However, they cannot unlock a childproof container. Both edible and inedible products can be stored in this container. So, custom-designed childproof boxes are a must depending on the type of products you sell.

Which Products Need Custom Tin Packaging?

Cannabis Products

Medical and recreational cannabis edibles need proper packaging to comply with federal rules. The packaging requirements in every state may be different. However, you should always pack your cannabis products in childproof tins. Add a label of a safety warning message and mention dosage instructions. Make sure children cannot open the closure.

E-Liquid Products

Vaping and e-liquid solutions are safer only for adults. So, you must pack those items in childproof containers. Brands that manufacture these products always ensure child resistance in their packaging design.

Pharmaceutical Items

Medications contain different ingredients that are not safe for children. For instance, aspirin, naproxen, and a few other ingredients can cause risks to kids when consumed accidentally. Containers for pharmaceutical medications also need proper labeling to keep every user safe. In most countries, there are rules for child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging.’

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning agents (such as toilet cleaners and bleach) have a special formula that is effective for cleaning any surface. But, when if kids take them orally, it will be detrimental to their health. Even mouthwash contains chemicals that are unsafe for children. Some cleaning product manufacturers use child-safe containers with push-and-twist caps.

Gardening Chemicals

Pesticides and fertilizers are chemical-based products that are not intended for consumption. Some chemical manufacturers invest in resealable packages for these products. However, it is essential to ensure that the chemical container is user-friendly yet child-resistant.

Who is the Best Childproof Packaging Supplier in the USA?

Tin King USA is a reputed and reliable manufacturer and vendor of Custom Child Resistant Tin Containers. It ensures a well-tested design for every child-resistant container. You can find tin containers with different types of closures and designs. As they are made from tins, the containers are highly durable and keep your products safe. The air-tight design ensures that the content will stay fresh for several days.

Childproof Tin Boxes

Discover The Standard Testing For Childproof Tin Boxes

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Curiosity is a common trait of most children. It is good to be curious about learning new things. However, this natural trait can pose a danger when your kids touch risky items. For instance, if a box contains cannabis or any harmful chemical, exposure to children will lead to adverse consequences. So, the best way to save kids from accidental poisoning and other hazards is to invest in child-safe tin boxes. Not every metal container is childproof. Thus, how will you check a childproof tin boxes?

Guide to Testing Childproof Tin Boxes

There are different ways to test the child resistance of a tin container.

Push and Turn Test– You have to push and twist the closure of the container to determine child-resistant ability. Tin boxes with push-down-and-turn caps have a simple design. You need to use your hand strength to open the containers. Accessibility and safety are important aspects of childproof, reliable packaging.

Drop Test– Drop the closed container from a height. If it is not childproof, it will open after hitting the floor.

Squeeze Test– It is another way to test childproof packaging. Squeeze the tin from the sides to ensure it will not open.

The squeezing action needs a high level of strength and dexterity. So, kids do not have the strength to open the box. Squeeze-and-turn metal containers are used for cleaning solutions, liquid medications, and other similar items.

Simulated Childproof Container Test– Under some controlled conditions, children try to unlock the container.

Tilt Test– You have to tilt the metal box at various angles. Custom Child Resistant Tins USA ensures that they will not open.

The type of test is determined based on the container type and the content. The best manufacturers ensure that their tin cans have passed compliance tests. So, look for the most trusted manufacturers to invest in child-resistant packaging wholesale.

The well-designed childproof containers are not easy to unlock for any children. But, these boxes are user-friendly for adults.

Various Types of Childproof Boxes

Childproof boxes made of tins are available in various designs.

Some tin containers have sliding lock mechanism that makes the content inaccessible to children. You need to take several actions to unlock the containers successfully. Although it appears to be simple to open the boxes, teens or children cannot do it. 

Pop-top boxes also have gained high popularity as the child-resistant and convenient packaging. These containers have a hinged lid popping open when you apply pressure to a particular area. Without manual dexterity, you cannot unlock the box.

The pop-top closure mechanism ensures a secure closure, intended for preventing accidental spills. Some users choose pop-top containers for storing household items.

Where Will You Buy The Best Custom Child-Resistant Tins USA?

Tin King USA is a well-known childproof packaging supplier with a collection of tin containers of various designs. You can place your custom order to buy childproof containers. Whether you sell cannabis or other products, childproof packaging will be the right choice.

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging

5 Essential Facts About Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

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With the legalization of cannabis, there has been an increase in cannabis consumption across the USA. This has increased accidents and posed dangerous encounters for children who have been able to access the cannabis-infused products and even overdoses at times for some minors who had confused the products inside as innocent candies for kids.
So the FDA has instilled Federal and State laws set in place to standardize all packaging that contains cannabis-infused products. Certified Child Resistant Tin Containers (CRC containers) ensure that kids cannot open them. This is mandatory to keep the product on the shelf. Let us share some significant facts about child-resistant cannabis product packaging solutions.

The Opening Process Must be Challenging But Not Complicated

Using child resistant packaging should be difficult for kids to open yet not difficult for older adults. The special packaging must pass a rigorous checklist of requirements. More than 80% of children should fail to open the box within 5 minutes. The better-designed child resistant mechanisms ensure that kids cannot open the tin even after seeing the opening process. All Tin King USA, CRC container tins, come with a third-party lab certification certifying that very tin independently. These approaches ensure safety for consumers and protection for companies that sell cannabis products and toxicology products.

The Contents Inside must be Displayed With All Warnings

Some US regions have particular rules regarding the packaging design for cannabis products. Be sure to research state regulations as they change from one state to another.

Child Resistant Packaging Must Have Clearly Understood Labels

If you mistakenly keep your box open, your children will be curious about the contents inside. If they consume cannabis, it will harm their health. Besides, there are choking risks for kids who like to put every small item into their mouths. So, proper labeling is vital to protect children from hazards and keep your company free from unneeded problems. The cannabis product manufacturing market has become highly strict. Your childproof packaging supplier will customize the containers at your request but is not mandatory to place an order.

A Resealable Design

The governing law on cannabis packaging indicates that every box with multiple servings must have CR resealable packaging. Users must be able to re-lock the container to prevent unauthorized access.
Child resistance is not just for cannabis packaging
For cannabis sellers, it is mandatory to use child-resistant boxes for packaging products. But, you can use these containers for storing other items like:
· Household cleaners
· Pharmaceuticals medications
· Personal care items
· Etc..

Innovative tin packaging allows you to protect your brand image while gaining customer’s trust at the same time. Tin packaging with your brand lithographically printed on the tin, keeps advertising your brand over and over again as the tin passes from one hand to another.


If you want to buy child resistant cannabis packaging or other product packaging, you can contact Tin King USA. We have designed child resistant boxes of different models and sizes. We specialize in wholesale pricing with at least a minimal order quantity of 5,000 units to be able to share the cost-saving price breaks on truly custom orders.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Discover the Latest Challenges Faced by the Child-Resistant Packaging Industry

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CBD products, medicines, and some other items need proper packaging to keep the children safe. Kids often try to open the containers and are curious about the products stored in them. If they unintentionally ingest the item, it may lead to serious health risks. That is why many manufacturers and retailers have considered Child-Resistant Packaging solutions for their products. Children will not be able to open the boxes easily. So, parents will be free from concerns about their kids. However, there are some challenges in creating child-resistant containers.

Effectiveness and user experience

It is essential that the tin containers should have child-resistant features. Kids and teenagers should be prevented from accessing the items inside the box. But, the box manufacturers should make the containers senior-friendly. The package has to be intuitive instead of being highly complicated for adult users.

Regulatory standards

Making the child-resistant boxes compliant with the regulatory rules is another challenge. Only reliable and qualified package designers know about these regulatory standards. They implement the right manufacturing process to design the Custom Child Resistant tins USA.

Material choice

It is difficult to choose materials, which are eco-friendly and child-resistant. The best manufacturers use durable materials (like tin), which do not harm the environment. Moreover, they meet safety standards while designing the tin boxes.

Design-related challenges

Manufacturers of Custom Child Resistant Containers should use innovative technologies to make the design. The packaging industry is trying to find an affordable solution. A child-resistant box should have a multi-step opening mechanism. Children will naturally lose their interest in accessing the content if they need to go through multiple steps.

Another important thing is not to make the container too visually attractive. The visual distraction technologies will prevent kids from opening the box.

Identifying the right size for the child-resistant packages

Consider the packaging size when you want to design a child-resistant container. It is important to understand the diameter and type of closures that perfectly fit into the container. So, kids will not be able to tamper it easily; however, adults can open it without effort.

A smaller closure causes inconvenience for adults with the larger hands. Moreover, this closure allows only designs that have minor deflections. Users have to put more force into it to open the box. On the contrary, a wider closure is easier for any adult to open, although a child finds it challenging to do so.

Get The Best Custom Tin Packaging Solutions

Although there are challenges in designing child-resistant containers, Tin King USA has experts to overcome them. Several product manufacturers have chosen its custom-designed tin containers to package their products. The company has carefully designed boxes of various sizes to serve your needs. You may ask them to personalize the box by adding your brand details. Check the closure and box designs before making investments. The best containers keep your product safe and prevent the children from opening them. A bulk order of custom containers will make your deal affordable.

Child Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging

Role of Child-Resistant Tin Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis is now legal in most states in the USA. However, it does not mean that the weeds or cannabis edibles are safe for kids. That is why cannabis edibles manufacturers should consider child-safe packaging for their products. It is an important step for meeting safety regulations and avoiding legal complications in the future. So, you can also choose child resistant tin packaging to keep the kids safe.

Why Should You Invest In Child-Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging?

It is not yet clear how marijuana affects children in the long run. However, the most common short-term effects are confusion, difficulty breathing, drowsiness, and high heart rate. If your kids have accidentally ingested cannabis and are experiencing breathing problems, you should consider hospitalization. Especially products containing a high amount of THC are never safe for kids and teens.
Thus, manufacturers must be concerned about these issues and invest in Child-Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging. This packaging creates a barrier between harmful substances and children. Kids will not be able to unlock the container and try out the product.

In most countries, it is legally compulsory to use child-resistant boxes to package cannabis edibles. So, you have to be legally compliant as a cannabis product seller. Moreover, this packaging enables you to gain customers’ trust and improve your brand reputation.
Another advantage of using a child-resistant Custom Tin Box is that it protects your products from air, moisture, and other external elements. It ensures the integrity and longevity of cannabis edibles inside the box. The potency of the cannabis product will remain intact. Your products will provide your customers with the best experience.

Why Choose Tin Containers For Cannabis Packaging?

Tin containers are opaque, and kids cannot see the content inside them. This feature makes the boxes kid-friendly. Until the package is opened, the product is not visible to you or your family members. Besides, the tin boxes have a resealable design to ensure the safety of your children. You cannot consume cannabis edible in a day. Thus, leftover items have to be secured in the container.
Moreover, metal boxes are customizable by adding a clear label. You have to display the information about cannabis concentration, serving size, and active ingredients in the products.
These are some reasons for choosing child-resistant tin boxes. Make sure that your cannabis-infused product packaging does not look highly appealing to kids. They should not resemble the box of candies and chocolates.
In most cases, child-resistant boxes have twist-off caps or push-and-turn closure mechanisms. Only adults are able to open these containers effortlessly. The complex motion prevents teens from unlocking the boxes and accessing the product. So, choose the tin boxes for packaging marijuana or cannabis-related products.

The Best Place To Purchase Custom Tin Box

Tin King USA is the most reliable destination for ordering personalized tin boxes in bulk. You will find them at the most cost-effective rate. These containers are available with different closure types. Choose the design and size of the boxes before placing the order.

Tin Designs

Explore The 2024’s Popular Tin Design Trends in Tinplate

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Per the latest trends in eco-friendly packaging materials, tin containers have accelerated in popularity. Manufacturers and retailers are making more of an impact on the brand image by constantly evolving the tin box design shapes to represent major brands.

Cannabis Child Resistant Containers (CRC)

Legally, cannabis or cannabis-infused products need proper packaging to prevent kids from accessing them, to be able to keep the product on the shelves. For round shapes, the containers come with a push-and-turn mechanism. Others are equipped with a push-and-lift mechanism. All CRC containers intended for cannabis edibles must have clear labeling.

Slip Cover Tin Boxes

Some tin boxes are available with a slip-cover lid mechanism to open and close the container. The lids have a special closure system to ensure a secure snap-fit design. The secure seal is often accompanied by a Foam Seal in the lid for a more flush close, restricting airflow, moisture, and any contaminants from reaching the contents inside. These containers are ideal for cosmetics, edibles, and products that need a closure that will not open in the end user’s pocket or handbag for example. The opening and closing functionality is simple and user-friendly.

Coaster Tin Set

Tin can also be designed for a set of coasters. Coasters are made from various materials (like cork, leather, and absorbent papers) to absorb moisture and heat for drinks. How about a Tin Coaster Set created in a print pattern or design that could represent your brand better?

Embossed and Debossed Tin Boxes

An embossed design on simple tin containers can elevate your packaging aesthetics. Embossing creates a raised surface that gives a tactile experience to end users. This customization technique adds elevation and texture to your containers. The biggest advantage is that if your brand name and logo are embossed on the tin surface, these branding elements will never fade. Or you can even deboss around the edges of the lid and bottom of the tins to make your tins stack nicely on each other without falling.

Hinged Lid Containers

Hinged Lid Containers have become another popular choice, as their closure mechanism is highly secure. There is no risk of misplacing or losing the lid. With minimal effort, you can open and close the containers. Depending on the dimensions the tin lid can even open like a book giving more purpose and functionality to the inside of the lid when the container is open. Adding a hinged lid to the container that doesn’t already have a hinge is a minimal 1-time upgrade to the design.

Custom Designed Tins

The Birth of Custom Designed Tins

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Thinking about boosting your branding to the next level? Tin packaging does just that. Many name brands have launched their bottom line with the help of packaging their product with a durable, versatile, and customized tin packaging solution.
Tinplate is eco-friendly and sustainable, some designs are even majestic. Tin boxes hold a high level of perception because of their attributes. The vibrant colors that jump off the tin with a feel of strength and robustness are what draw the attraction of most clients of ours. The printing and manufacturing industry has come a long way with the updated technology that programs computers to even print bar codes and 3D imagery. Providing a luxury packaging option.

But Where Did It All Begin?

The concept of using tin cans for preserving food by enclosing it in hermetically sealed containers started back in 1795 when Napoleon Bonaparte was searching for someone who could innovate a special preservation method for keeping edible products unspoiled over distance and time. After experimenting for 15 years, Appert assumed that, just like with wine, any food that was exposed to air would spoil food. So he thought of precooking the food in storing it in an airtight container. He thought, with the air expelled through the boiling process, the food stored inside would stay fresh; It worked and so he was awarded the prize in 1810 by the Emperor himself at the time. He was also awarded a big prize of around 12,000 francs for the invention of this preservation method once the military adopted the paging solution.

Earlier, the manual process of manufacturing tin cans was time-consuming and laborious. Manufacturers had to pound the iron into sheets and then deep them into a molten tin coating. So only experienced manufacturers could manage the process producing only 10 cans per day. Shortly after some time, people started discovering the versatility of the tin boxes storing other commodities like tobacco, coffee, spices, and snuff. The sealed, airtight containers upheld the freshest quality over distance and time. Then, in 2008, the Silgan Containers Corp. started giving the metal shape to create memorable and recognizable branding and then adding colors to the shapes.

Many companies want to use a custom tin box for storage of their products. They choose beautifully designed, colorful tin containers to draw the attention of consumers. These tin cans come with digital artwork created by modern printing technology. The customization process involves using coating machines, printing systems, feeding devices, and some other types of equipment. The best tin plates are treated with a protective oil layer to ensure scratch resistance. So, you can buy visually attractive bulk tin containers for your food packaging purposes.

Tin King USA Specializes in Customized Tin Packaging with lithographic Printing

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are the leading reasons for choosing customized tin packaging for an elevated branding approach. Tin King USA can also integrate smart technologies like scannable RFID tags and QR codes printed directly on the tins. Consumers can easily access product details using these digital identifiers. Reach out to Tin King USA today to design your custom-branded tins.

Child-Resistant Tin Containers

Explore The Growing Popularity of Child-Resistant Tin Containers

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Child safety always tops the list of priorities for every responsible parent. FDA approved and certified that no child under the age of 6 will be able to open the tin container on their own.
Now be safer than ever by storing any items, for 18+ that you don’t want little hands getting ahold of. That’s why there has been increasing popularity of Custom Child Resistant Tins. As the cannabis wave rolls back and forth across the USA, more and more parents are feeling more at ease knowing their children are not able to access what’s not permitted. In this article, we will dive into the details of child-proof tin packaging and the benefits of manufacturers in storing various products.

Child-Proof Tin Packaging: An Essential Step for Safety

Child safety is an absolute necessity, particularly when dealing with products like cannabis that potentially pose a threat if used inappropriately or consumed. Therefore, using Child Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging ensures to provide an extra layer of protection to keep those curious tiny hands away from possible harmful substances. Manufacturers also implement childproof tin packaging to prioritize the safety of the children as well as get protection from any legal issues that may harm their established brand reputation.

Reasons for the Growth of Popularity in Childproof Tins

1. Durability
One of the key advantages of childproof tins is their sturdiness. These durable tins can withstand the wear and tear that happens during daily use and the ink doesn’t does not scratch off. The tin will not open by itself in a handbag or pocket. Child-resistant tins remain closed and secure for years to come preventing children from gaining access to the contents inside.

2. Reusability
Almost all metal tin plate is made up of a percentage of fresh raw tin metal melted together with recycled raw tin metal plate and we can even offer the material data sheets to meet environmental requirements upon your request with your order. So our tins are most popular with companies with a “Going Green” initiative. All our tin containers are produced with food-grade safe material. Of course, we will still suggest a quick wipe-down before use.

3. Reliability
Tin King USA’s childproof tin packaging is scientifically designed to prevent children from accessing the products inside yet remain easy enough for elders to be able to open with ease. Child-resistant packaging provides a high level of protection and prevention of accidental consumption by children. Then, every re-order is a copy of the prior making re-ordering a sinch.

Marketing and Branding

Child Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging from Tin King USA not only keeps safety as a top priority but also keeps a keen eye on all ink registrations for a perfect print result to avoid stretching and fading. Not all printing manufacturers take as much pride as Tin King USA in the final result. Tin King USA produces customizable tin packaging to showcase brand logos, design, and product information for a great first impression from consumers leaving a positive and impulsive buying impact on potential end users.


Child-resistant packaging is the change your brand needs for 2024. Tin King USA, if you can Think It, We Can Tin It. Custom-designed containers for everything from locking mechanisms to keepsakes and memorabilia. The cannabis tin can packaging produced by Tin King USA is durable, reliable, reusable, and a perfect solution to build brand awareness.

Tin Boxes

Why You Need To Use Tin Boxes For Christmas Gift Packaging?

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Gifting is a tradition and a technique. Sometimes to motivate more sales and bring attention to your brand could be offering FREE samples. “Think outside the box” and let the people experience and learn about your product and fall in love with your products to become long-term customers. Consider Christmas tin box packaging for your amazing gift ideas. At Tin King USA all our tins are custom-designed and easy to use.  Our variety of container shapes and sizes can be brought to life with your very own branding, vibrant colors, and intricate designs. 

But, why should you invest in tin containers for your packaging needs? Find the reasons for buying these boxes in bulk. 

An Eco-friendly Solution

A business with sustainable and eco-friendly approaches easily attracts like-minded and motivated buyers. The custom-designed tins at Tin King USA are all created with recyclable and reusable tin plates and we can share the respectable MSDS accordingly. Paper and cardboard packaging materials need to be discarded after a single use, and plastic is destroying our planet. Tin packaging is a gift worth giving in so many different ways. Give your customers one more reason to buy your product with tin packing options. 

Highly Durable and Practical

Dry fruits, chocolates, and sweets are commonly chosen gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, etc… Tin container packaging can be finished with an eco-friendly foam insert in the lid of the tin to help cut down airflow when closed with the intention to preserve these treats inside. With an airtight seal, tin boxes protect your food from light and exposure. Staying fresh for longer. 

Run Your Branding Campaign

Custom-designed tin packaging creates an impacting impression and has been known to motivate spontaneous purchasing. Litho Graphicing off-set print with a 4ColorPrint process is the equivalent (High Quality) Cosmo Magazine style printing Personalized tin containers convey a valuable sentiment and thoughtfulness.

Please note, at a very reasonable few hundred dollars you can even emboss or deboss a design on the lid. As your customers will use the customized tin box for years to come, your brand logo and name will be there until recycled once again.

Tin King USA is a trusted and familiar name in the industry of custom tin packaging.  Visit us today for a free quote on orders greater than 5,000 units.

Child-Resistant Tin Containers

Why You Need To Secure Your Home With Child-Resistant Tin Containers?

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Well-designed, airtight tin containers are best for storing cleaning products, supplements, medications, and other items. However, the ingredients of these products may not always be safe for every individual. So, what will you do if your children have accidentally ingested those items? To avoid the risk, you can invest in child-resistant tin containers

Many brands have considered child-safe packaging for their products. For instance, cannabis is a psychoactive drug that must not be accessible to children. That is why Child-Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging is the right choice for psychoactive products. The tin container is not easy to open by any children.

Why Should You Buy Child-Resistant Tin Containers?

Millions of children in the USA have experienced health risks due to poisoning exposure. That is why it is essential to take the right measures and prevent accidental poisoning. One of the best steps for maintaining your child’s safety is to invest in childproof tins. Most kids are curious about seeing the content in a closed box. Even if you have labeled it dangerous, they will want to know about items stored in it. For this reason, you have to store potentially hazardous items in childproof containers. 

Parents can’t supervise their kids’ activities throughout the day. So, the best way to keep the children safe is to store the dangerous content inside child-resistant packaging boxes. Child-resistant closures of these specially designed containers add a layer of protection. These boxes minimize the risk of kids getting sick by ingesting unsafe materials. 

If the containers have child-resistant caps, users have to perform particular actions. For instance, they need to push down and turn the cap to open the box. However, young children find it difficult to do so. With Custom Child Resistant Containers, you will be free from concerns about your kids.

For Which Products Should You Use Childproof Tins?

Most brands dealing with weeds invest in Child-Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging. The THC content of these products is not safe for children. However, OTC medications and other pharmaceuticals can also be stored in tin boxes. Besides, you can use childproof containers for sunscreen lotions, baby oils, bath oils, massage oils, nail enamel dryers, and other cosmetics. If mishandled or ingested by children, these products will cause a risk.

Buy Child-Safe Containers From Tin King USA

Child safety is one of the biggest concerns for every parent. As the kids unknowingly access and ingest the potentially risky items, you have to be careful. Many tin boxes come with child-resistant closures to prevent kids from opening the boxes. But which is the best place to purchase these containers? Tin King USA is the most reliable destination where you can place a bulk order for Custom Child Resistant Containers. Your household environment will be safe for kids. You may also add labels to the containers depending on the content stored in them. 

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