Child Resistant Packaging: Keeping Children Safe

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The cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth.

We are in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  It’s a promising beginning for this relatively new legal cannabis industry. But this is not one without challenges. One of the issues to be dealt with has to do with cannabis packaging.

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, how do we keep it out of the hands of children? The answer is child-resistant packaging!

What Exactly Is Child-Resistant Packaging?

Cannabis-based products such as edibles, cannabis-infused candies and beverages are likely to look appealing to young children.  Child-resistant tin packaging is designed with proprietary features, that keep children safe.  Our designs are innovative and engineered to prevent easy access to children, but are still senior-friendly.

Child Safety is critical, but there are other important factors to consider such as ease of fulfillment, freshness and beautifully designed tin packaging that meets our customers’ brand objectives,  To summarize, our products are designed with the following:

  • Child-resistant certified in compliance with PPPA Code of Federal Regulations
  • Easy accessibility by seniors
  • Ease of fulfillment that reduce production costs
  • Improving the shelf life of cannabis products
  • Ensuring there is little to no negative environmental impact
  • Branding and marketing considerations

How to Choose the Right Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis

Company owners can rest assured that our child-resistant and senior-friendly tin packaging is certified in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations in Title 16 CFR Part 1700.20 of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA

Serious considerations should be considered in selecting the best packaging for your cannabis products. Fortunately, Tin King USA has three distinct CR product lines to meet your budget.  We have many shapes and sizes to choose from.  Allow us to assist with your fulfillment designs and considerations to reduce these costs.  “Do it right the first time” with Tin king USA

Why Tin King USA’s Tin Packaging Is the Best Option for Child Resistant Cannabis Packaging

We have discussed the child safety and senior-friendly features of our tin packaging, as well as other important benefits.  Another important benefit is what we call “the branding gift that keeps on giving”.

Cardboard, plastic and glass cannabis packaging is simply thrown away when the product is opened or consumed.  That is NOT the case with tin packaging that is beautifully designed.  Ask yourself this question.  If you purchase any product that is packaged inside an attractive tin container, do you throw it away?  The answer is overwhelmingly no!

Women customers are the savviest but men customers also keep decorative tin containers if they are well designed with a pratical utilitarian use after the product is consumed.  Consumers will use them to store medications, paper clips, jewelry, and many other applications.  They will keep them for many years and will even become collector items if designed with a chase factor.

Tin packaging is sturdy, light-weight and durable.  Tin packaging is an easy choice when considering the many years that your brand will remain in the public eye.  Thus the “branding gift that keeps on giving”.  This is a cost-effective option with beautiful printing capabilities, embossing, clear widow options and more.

Tin King USA Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Cannabis Packaging

Our CR tin packaging products can be customized to meet your needs.  Our current promotion includes free tooling for a custom size or shape with a minimum order quantity of 50k pieces.  We will also refund the tooling cost when you meet the 50k order quantity.  Contact us at Tin King USA today. We’ll be more than happy to help solve your cannabis packaging needs.

3 Things to Consider When Designing Cannabis Packaging

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The cannabis industry is no longer a budding idea.

This sector has seen massive recent growth with experts projecting up to a $73.6 billion market size by 2027. It’s a market with lots of opportunities. But if you’re in the business of selling cannabis-based products, there’s no doubt you need to be quite strategic in this branding and design-driven industry.

It is on this note that we compiled this guide on packaging design for the legal cannabis industry. If you’re looking to increase the sales of your cannabis products, the following three issues are worth your careful consideration.

1. Attracting Your Target Market

33 US states have legalized medical marijuana.

The cannabis market is growing significantly every day. But you don’t just churn out cannabis products without having a well-planned marketing strategy. This is important so you create the ideal brand with your consumer in mind.  Your products must appeal to the ideal consumer that has been properly identified and targeted.

You must develop an intimate understanding of your target audience. This is critical in creating a brand that includes why consumers will believe in your company philosophy as well as products. Important aspects of branding should include lifestyle; imagination; packaging innovation; passion; hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Consider the kind of beliefs experience to promote, as well as creating a strong brand identity and image that will resonate with your target audience.  Ignore at your own peril the consumer’s importance of the environment and packaging that is 100% recyclable, containing no plastic and more.

2. Balancing Design and Information

Cannabis packaging and branding are important to help build trust with customers. But these are also important to help provide information while still making the product and package design very appealing, safe and easy to use.

This is most important with medical marijuana products. Cannabis packaging for health-based products has a higher information burden. These pieces of information will include product dosing information, safe use instructions, batch numbers, expiry dates, and other information, which might vary from state to state.

3. Protecting Product Integrity

You could get the best marketing and package graphics in the world, but great packaging must provide child safety and be senior friendly.  Meeting safety requirements is critical.  You will be required to ensure child safety with child-resistant cannabis packaging, keep medical cannabis packaging tamper-evident, and ensure that product packaging is done in full compliance with both local and federal laws.

Maintaining product freshness is also extremely important as well as creating beautifully designed packaging.  All of these are important for your business’s continued growth.

Success in all three of this areas will help create the brand that will differentiate your brand rom the many competing brands.  At Tin King USA, everything we do revolves around the needs of our customers and to provide the expertise to “Do it right the first time”.

Tin King USA – Your Cannabis Packaging Solution!

We work with the medical and recreational cannabis industry to design cannabis packaging that protects the integrity of the products in the box and maximally designed to be child resistant.

We do all of these, while still ensuring your packaging is done to complement your brand image and identity. Creating effective packaging along with a strong brand identity will make allow your products to establish brand identity and to stand above the crowd.

At Tin King USA, you can rely on our expertise to “Think outside the tin box”.  Our proprietary product designs are innovative and will fit your budget based upon your brand goals and needs. We don’t mind raising your expectations because we will deliver on our promises.  You can trust us to assist you in developing beautifully designed tin packaging utilizing industry best practices and innovation.  Remember, “If you can think it, we can tin it!”

Custom Tin Packaging

Custom Tin Packaging

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Custom decorative tin containers are very popular around the world and for very good reasons. First, there is a very high perceived value placed on decorative tin containers. Directly printing on the tins, embossing the lid, etc. accentuates this high perceived value. Note that we all save these containers particularly if there is good utilitarian use for the tin container after consuming the product inside.

Secondly, this high perceived value is reflected onto the product inside the container. Customers immediately assume the product inside must be of the highest quality since it is packed inside a decorative tin container with high perceived value.

Thirdly, because of the high perceived value of a decorative tin container, people will not throw the containers away and will find many uses after the product is consumed. This gives you ongoing and valuable brand exposure and the cost is easily justified because of the gift that keeps on giving – brand exposure for years to come!

Our custom tin packaging includes child resistant tin containers, promotional tin containers for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, anniversaries, etc. Also included are tin lunch boxes, liquor tin containers, tea tin containers, mint tin containers, unique shaped tin boxes, serving tin trays, round tin containers, square tin boxes, rectangular tin boxes, oval tin packaging, tin coaster sets, heart shaped tin boxes, tin watch packaging and more. The use of tin packaging includes packaging for candy, cookies, cakes, medicines, CDs, tea, coffee, pencils, cigarettes, tobacco, stationery, spices and many more applications.

Our motto at Tin King USA is “If You can Think It, We Can Tin It!” Our goal is to take your ideas and concepts and turn them into reality. Everything we produce is custom-made so bring us your ideas regarding shape, size, color, etc., and our team of designers, engineers and dedicated manufacturing individuals will impress you.

Our tinplate, inks and coatings are certified to be 100% safe for children, food and all consumers. Unlike plastics and other materials, you don’t have to worry about the dangers of leaching chemicals when storing food, coffee, spices, pet foods, and other edibles. Additionally, tin containers are 100% recyclable .

Call us at Tin King USA for solutions that are safe, recyclable and have the perception of being of the highest quality. Stand out against your competition with superior custom tin packaging, eye catching printing, beautiful embossing and a uniqueness that speaks volumes about your quality products.

decorative tin containers

The Beauty and Use of Custom Made Tins

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Everyone throws away cardboard and plastic packaging. Notice you don’t even give this a second thought. But not tin packaging and decorative tin containers. Tin packaging offer companies a way to differentiate their products from all the other competitors on the store shelves. Ask yourself, “Which product would you be inclined to purchase? The ones in cardboard and plastic packaging or the one that says buy this product because it is a higher quality product?”

When in the process of designing packaging for your product(s), you owe it to yourself to know the benefits of tin packaging. When you consider these benefits, the cost of a tin container is easily justified. The cost of tin packaging is no longer the most important factor because a customer also places a premium on the additional benefits of your product inside a tin container. Companies can charge more for their products because of the higher perceived value. Imagine a back-to-school promotion with a retro tin lunch box as the packaging. Whoa!

Custom tin packaging is great for storage, but there are many other applications for the use of tin containers. They can be used for the gifting of cookies, cakes, and other gifts at Christmas time and throughout the year. Keep in mind the utilitarian use of a tin container when determining the size and shape and overall design of your tin container.

Keep in mind that women make about 80% of all purchasing decisions. When they look at a tin container they immediately have an idea of how that tin will be used. This is why often times women are willing to pay a little more for a product housed inside a tin container that has good utilitarian use.

Remember there is a very high perceived value placed on decorative tin containers. This high perceived value is reflected onto the product inside the container. Because of the high perceived value of a metal container, people will not throw the containers away and will find many uses after the product is consumed. This gives you ongoing and valuable brand exposure and the cost is easily justified because of the gift that keeps on giving – brand exposure for years to come!

It is very important to design a tin that the customer will have use for after the product is consumed. Whether it will be used to store paper clips, or jewelry, customers will immediately recognize a use for the tin container after the product is gone. This is why tins offer a great chase factor and collectability.

Make sure the size is ideal and will fit most standard pantry shelves height-wise. Lastly, tin is 100% recyclable . These days, customers are very environmentally conscious about the world they are going to leave for their children and future generations.

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