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Childproof Tin Boxes

Is Child-Resistant Packaging Necessary for My Product?

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Creating an attractive packaging design is always effective for branding. The main goal of your product package is to keep the content fresh. It also protects your product during the transit. However, you should not overlook consumers’ safety while creating the package design for your products. Most importantly, some product packages need to be child-resistant. If your product is unsafe for kids, you should invest in Child Resistant Packaging.

How to Know that Your Products Need Child-Safe Packaging-

A child-resistant box means the package cannot be opened by infants and kids. The Poison Prevention Packaging Act stated that the CPSC in the USA has imposed some regulations for a few products. You should buy Custom Child Resistant Tin Containers if your product can cause serious illness or injury to kids below 5. These children can open any normal box and access the content. However, they cannot unlock a childproof container. Both edible and inedible products can be stored in this container. So, custom-designed childproof boxes are a must depending on the type of products you sell.

Which Products Need Custom Tin Packaging?

Cannabis Products

Medical and recreational cannabis edibles need proper packaging to comply with federal rules. The packaging requirements in every state may be different. However, you should always pack your cannabis products in childproof tins. Add a label of a safety warning message and mention dosage instructions. Make sure children cannot open the closure.

E-Liquid Products

Vaping and e-liquid solutions are safer only for adults. So, you must pack those items in childproof containers. Brands that manufacture these products always ensure child resistance in their packaging design.

Pharmaceutical Items

Medications contain different ingredients that are not safe for children. For instance, aspirin, naproxen, and a few other ingredients can cause risks to kids when consumed accidentally. Containers for pharmaceutical medications also need proper labeling to keep every user safe. In most countries, there are rules for child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging.’

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning agents (such as toilet cleaners and bleach) have a special formula that is effective for cleaning any surface. But, when if kids take them orally, it will be detrimental to their health. Even mouthwash contains chemicals that are unsafe for children. Some cleaning product manufacturers use child-safe containers with push-and-twist caps.

Gardening Chemicals

Pesticides and fertilizers are chemical-based products that are not intended for consumption. Some chemical manufacturers invest in resealable packages for these products. However, it is essential to ensure that the chemical container is user-friendly yet child-resistant.

Who is the Best Childproof Packaging Supplier in the USA?

Tin King USA is a reputed and reliable manufacturer and vendor of Custom Child Resistant Tin Containers. It ensures a well-tested design for every child-resistant container. You can find tin containers with different types of closures and designs. As they are made from tins, the containers are highly durable and keep your products safe. The air-tight design ensures that the content will stay fresh for several days.

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