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Gifting is a tradition and a technique. Sometimes to motivate more sales and bring attention to your brand could be offering FREE samples. “Think outside the box” and let the people experience and learn about your product and fall in love with your products to become long-term customers. Consider Christmas tin box packaging for your amazing gift ideas. At Tin King USA all our tins are custom-designed and easy to use.  Our variety of container shapes and sizes can be brought to life with your very own branding, vibrant colors, and intricate designs. 

But, why should you invest in tin containers for your packaging needs? Find the reasons for buying these boxes in bulk. 

An Eco-friendly Solution

A business with sustainable and eco-friendly approaches easily attracts like-minded and motivated buyers. The custom-designed tins at Tin King USA are all created with recyclable and reusable tin plates and we can share the respectable MSDS accordingly. Paper and cardboard packaging materials need to be discarded after a single use, and plastic is destroying our planet. Tin packaging is a gift worth giving in so many different ways. Give your customers one more reason to buy your product with tin packing options. 

Highly Durable and Practical

Dry fruits, chocolates, and sweets are commonly chosen gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, etc… Tin container packaging can be finished with an eco-friendly foam insert in the lid of the tin to help cut down airflow when closed with the intention to preserve these treats inside. With an airtight seal, tin boxes protect your food from light and exposure. Staying fresh for longer. 

Run Your Branding Campaign

Custom-designed tin packaging creates an impacting impression and has been known to motivate spontaneous purchasing. Litho Graphicing off-set print with a 4ColorPrint process is the equivalent (High Quality) Cosmo Magazine style printing Personalized tin containers convey a valuable sentiment and thoughtfulness.

Please note, at a very reasonable few hundred dollars you can even emboss or deboss a design on the lid. As your customers will use the customized tin box for years to come, your brand logo and name will be there until recycled once again.

Tin King USA is a trusted and familiar name in the industry of custom tin packaging.  Visit us today for a free quote on orders greater than 5,000 units.

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