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Child Resistant Tin Packaging

Child Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging

Role of Child-Resistant Tin Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis is now legal in most states in the USA. However, it does not mean that the weeds or cannabis edibles are safe for kids. That is why cannabis edibles manufacturers should consider child-safe packaging for their products. It is an important step for meeting safety regulations and avoiding legal complications in the future. So, you can also choose child resistant tin packaging to keep the kids safe.

Why Should You Invest In Child-Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging?

It is not yet clear how marijuana affects children in the long run. However, the most common short-term effects are confusion, difficulty breathing, drowsiness, and high heart rate. If your kids have accidentally ingested cannabis and are experiencing breathing problems, you should consider hospitalization. Especially products containing a high amount of THC are never safe for kids and teens.
Thus, manufacturers must be concerned about these issues and invest in Child-Resistant Cannabis Tin Packaging. This packaging creates a barrier between harmful substances and children. Kids will not be able to unlock the container and try out the product.

In most countries, it is legally compulsory to use child-resistant boxes to package cannabis edibles. So, you have to be legally compliant as a cannabis product seller. Moreover, this packaging enables you to gain customers’ trust and improve your brand reputation.
Another advantage of using a child-resistant Custom Tin Box is that it protects your products from air, moisture, and other external elements. It ensures the integrity and longevity of cannabis edibles inside the box. The potency of the cannabis product will remain intact. Your products will provide your customers with the best experience.

Why Choose Tin Containers For Cannabis Packaging?

Tin containers are opaque, and kids cannot see the content inside them. This feature makes the boxes kid-friendly. Until the package is opened, the product is not visible to you or your family members. Besides, the tin boxes have a resealable design to ensure the safety of your children. You cannot consume cannabis edible in a day. Thus, leftover items have to be secured in the container.
Moreover, metal boxes are customizable by adding a clear label. You have to display the information about cannabis concentration, serving size, and active ingredients in the products.
These are some reasons for choosing child-resistant tin boxes. Make sure that your cannabis-infused product packaging does not look highly appealing to kids. They should not resemble the box of candies and chocolates.
In most cases, child-resistant boxes have twist-off caps or push-and-turn closure mechanisms. Only adults are able to open these containers effortlessly. The complex motion prevents teens from unlocking the boxes and accessing the product. So, choose the tin boxes for packaging marijuana or cannabis-related products.

The Best Place To Purchase Custom Tin Box

Tin King USA is the most reliable destination for ordering personalized tin boxes in bulk. You will find them at the most cost-effective rate. These containers are available with different closure types. Choose the design and size of the boxes before placing the order.

Child Resistant Packaging

Difference Between Child Resistant and Non-Child Resistant Packaging

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Proper packaging plays a vital role in the growth of brand value and business. This is why packaging suppliers are rushing towards child-resistant packaging. The new child-resistant containers, including bottles, cans, tins, jars, are capturing the market for legal cannabis edible packaging.

Law enforcement at the federal and state levels demonstrates a strict need for child-resistant packaging for cannabis. So, what is the difference between child-resistant packaging and non-child resistant packaging?

In this article, we will help you give a complete insight into the difference and the importance of the two different packages.

Child Residents VS Non-Child Resistant Packaging

The difference between the two types of packaging is relatively straightforward. A non-child resistant type of packaging does not provide any special packaging. Hence, every individual, including children, can quickly get access to adult items like cannabis.

Child-resistant packaging undergoes special tests to receive certification in order to prevent younger children from consuming it. Accordingly, Tin King USA produces child safety packaging to deter kids from eating what is appealing to their eyes. It becomes more exciting when you get custom child-resistant containers.

Dangerous products need child-resistant packaging to resist the access of children. Non-child resistant packaging is better for only storing commodities that do not pose any threat to children.

What is Non-Child Resistant Packaging?

Non-child resistant packaging is a general packaging type that does not have a child-resistant certificate. Without any C-R certification, no packaging can provide child safety features. 

What is Child-resistant Packaging?

Child-resistant packaging or CR packaging is a particular type of packaging that makes it easy for everyone to access except children. Often, this special type of packaging comes with a safety cap. Hence, it decreases the threat of kids consuming harmful materials consisting of nicotine.  

Additionally, the child-resistant packaging goes through several C-R certification trials that the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission mandates. It is specifically to maintain proper guidelines; the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) provides the basic C-R certification.

Which Products need a C-R Certification Packaging?

Products that can possess threat or toxic to younger children must have C-R certification. There are numerous substances, including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, marijuana and other drugs, that are not safe for child consumption. Besides, some OTC medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and diphenhydramine are dangerous to children.

To receive C-R certification, these product packaging should go through scientific research with around 50 to 200 children in groups. After passing through multiple rounds, these products have to pass some testing parameters to get the certification.

How is Child Resistant Packaging occupying the Cannabis Industry?

Every cannabis product should have safe child-resistant packaging. Cannabis flowers need plastic packaging, pre-rolls in doob tubes, while edibles in tin packaging. Thus, you may see that they come in different forms, but all must have child-resistant packaging.

Tin King USA is one of the leading tin packaging suppliers that offer custom child-resistant containers in different sizes. This out of the box imagination offers you great scope to promote your business in a unique way.

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