Product Tin Packaging Design Tips

Product Tin Packaging Design Tips to Market Your Brand

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You may have paid attention to the quality of your products while manufacturing them. However, the way you have designed its package can make a difference in the number of sales. Professional packaging is the best option to make your branding campaign successful. As you have invested in product tin cans, you can rely on Tin King USA to create a customized package design.

Find the Best Tips for Brand-Aligned Packaging of Your Product Tins-

Maintain Offline and Online Branding Consistency

It is good to tinker with aesthetics. However, when you have updated online visual elements of your brand, you must reflect them on your tin packaging designs. Designers give much focus to the color schemes, fonts, motifs, and watermarks. These branding cues must be related to your company.

Choose the Right Wording on Packaging Designs

The phrasing displayed on your product package designs informs your potential customers about the product and its benefits. Comprehensible words will be effective for your products. The right words take a few seconds to catch attention.

Place Your Logo on the Package Design

A modern logo must not be highly complicated. It needs to be easily recognizable and use the available negative space for a higher impact. An iconic logo is better than a visually cluttered design.

Choose Reusable and Recyclable Product Containers

Eco-friendly product packaging is one of the latest trends, and it will never lose its value. Modern consumers make their decisions after checking the product packaging materials.  Thus, it is better to avoid single-use packaging for your products.

For instance, as tin can be easily recyclable, you can look for a tin can maker to buy your product container.

Make the Package Compatible With the Product

The product package must be of perfect size, shape, and functionality. Moreover, it needs to be easy to open, portable, and durable. In the case of heavy products, you can choose tin cans with handles.

Other Things That You Must Consider Before Finalizing Your Product Tin Packaging Design-

Can the Shoppers Easily Identify the Product?

Buyers will make a deal after understanding the product from the design. Thus, your custom tin packaging design must not be confusing.

Does the Packaging Represent Your Products?

Misrepresentation is one of the common issues with product packaging. Thus, it is essential to be careful about the product images. For instance, your product package shows a muffin with several raisins. But, when they open the package, they find one raisin. The design must not cheat your customers.

How Will the Package Appear in 3D?

A professional designer must send you the design mock-up. You may also create mock-ups using a printing technique. In some cases, although the image is attractive, it looks unpleasant while applied for custom embossed tins.

Thus, you can hire the best product package designers for your goods. Package design is one of the parts of your branding campaign. Invest in the best package designs and get value from them in the future.

Child Resistant Packaging

Difference Between Child Resistant and Non-Child Resistant Packaging

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Proper packaging plays a vital role in the growth of brand value and business. This is why packaging suppliers are rushing towards child-resistant packaging. The new child-resistant containers, including bottles, cans, tins, jars, are capturing the market for legal cannabis edible packaging.

Law enforcement at the federal and state levels demonstrates a strict need for child-resistant packaging for cannabis. So, what is the difference between child-resistant packaging and non-child resistant packaging?

In this article, we will help you give a complete insight into the difference and the importance of the two different packages.

Child Residents VS Non-Child Resistant Packaging

The difference between the two types of packaging is relatively straightforward. A non-child resistant type of packaging does not provide any special packaging. Hence, every individual, including children, can quickly get access to adult items like cannabis.

Child-resistant packaging undergoes special tests to receive certification in order to prevent younger children from consuming it. Accordingly, Tin King USA produces child safety packaging to deter kids from eating what is appealing to their eyes. It becomes more exciting when you get custom child-resistant containers.

Dangerous products need child-resistant packaging to resist the access of children. Non-child resistant packaging is better for only storing commodities that do not pose any threat to children.

What is Non-Child Resistant Packaging?

Non-child resistant packaging is a general packaging type that does not have a child-resistant certificate. Without any C-R certification, no packaging can provide child safety features. 

What is Child-resistant Packaging?

Child-resistant packaging or CR packaging is a particular type of packaging that makes it easy for everyone to access except children. Often, this special type of packaging comes with a safety cap. Hence, it decreases the threat of kids consuming harmful materials consisting of nicotine.  

Additionally, the child-resistant packaging goes through several C-R certification trials that the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission mandates. It is specifically to maintain proper guidelines; the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) provides the basic C-R certification.

Which Products need a C-R Certification Packaging?

Products that can possess threat or toxic to younger children must have C-R certification. There are numerous substances, including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, marijuana and other drugs, that are not safe for child consumption. Besides, some OTC medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen and diphenhydramine are dangerous to children.

To receive C-R certification, these product packaging should go through scientific research with around 50 to 200 children in groups. After passing through multiple rounds, these products have to pass some testing parameters to get the certification.

How is Child Resistant Packaging occupying the Cannabis Industry?

Every cannabis product should have safe child-resistant packaging. Cannabis flowers need plastic packaging, pre-rolls in doob tubes, while edibles in tin packaging. Thus, you may see that they come in different forms, but all must have child-resistant packaging.

Tin King USA is one of the leading tin packaging suppliers that offer custom child-resistant containers in different sizes. This out of the box imagination offers you great scope to promote your business in a unique way.

Tin Containers

Advantages of Using Tin Containers for Packaging

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If you manufacture in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, containers are one of the most prioritized forms of packaging. Tin cans are ideal for packaging soups, soft drinks, beverages, powders, spices, medicine, and many more. Unlike the regular packaging metals or other packaging methods, tin containers are advantageous in that they do not react with acidic products or make the material corrode. Tins containers can store your products for longer, and the best thing is that Tin King USA can customize your tin packaging to meet all your packaging needs while showcasing your brand.

Can Package Products for Longer period

One of the advantages of using tin containers is that you can safely package your products for a longer period. Tin containers are not like regular metal containers that react with acidic content and make the metal corrode. This can contaminate the packaged products, damage them and reduce their shelf life. With tin can packaging, you are guaranteed safety and a longer packaging period.


Another advantage of using tin containers for packaging is that they are very lightweight, making them easy to handle. This makes transporting packaged products even for long distances seamless. You already know that transport providers charge transport fees for goods based on their weight. You can consider cutting the transportation cost by using these lightweight tin containers for packaging. This will reduce your overall cost of production, which is good for your business.

Strong and Rigid

Tin containers are made with strong and rigid features. This makes them stay in shape even when they are subjected to high impact. If you are worried about having deformed cans that can lead to returns, then tin containers should be your go-to packaging. These cans also allow various forms of transportation and remain in good condition until it reaches the consumer. These tins offer flexible packaging and can be arranged and rearranged in different ways to suit your mode of transport while maintaining their original shape. Using other packaging material for your products can easily get deformed, which is bad for your business.


Whether you want a decorative tin container for packaging your products or tins tailored to suit your product’s size, shape, and capacity, tin containers are highly customizable. The packaging of a product can influence a buyer’s decision. It’s best to work with custom tin packaging manufactures to make tin containers for your products that will make them irresistible to buy. Any design you think of can be tailor-made for your products and make them stand out from the rest.


Though tin containers can be made of different materials, you are guaranteed that your products will be safe if they can resist corrosion and rust. This increases your product’s shelf life and prevents them from becoming contaminated. If you are looking for a wholesale tin cans supplier. Tin King USA got you covered. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom tin packaging containers that combine innovation and design to meet your packaging needs and increase your brand exposure. Contacts us here to get a quote.

Brand Exposure With Tin Packaging

Increase Brand Exposure with Reusable Tin Packaging

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Businesses use different ways to attract customers’ interest, increase sales, and develop loyalty. However, the best way of achieving these goals is with packaging. Visually attractive elements can easily attract consumers’ eyes. That is why brand owners give high importance to the packaging style to grow a positive image. The best packaging encourages customers to give a good response. But which packaging material is best for your brand? You can invest in a reusable tin packaging solution for your needs.

Metal packaging will make your customers feel that they are buying quality products. However, as environmental pollution is a major concern, reusable and recyclable tin is the right alternative. You can buy wholesale tin cans at a reasonable rate and use them for packaging your products. As tin is one of the metals, it has a high recycling rate. Due to the high reusability of the packaging material, your brand name will become visible to consumers for several years.

Consumers can reuse your tin packaging in different ways-

  • Pen and cutlery holders
  • Flowerpot
  • Candle making
  • Ornament storage
  • Pet food container
  • Sewing kit storage
  • Craft kits storage

Thus, tin used for containers and packing materials ensures the longevity of your brand.

Be Innovative While Designing Your Metal Packaging

By displaying logo and colour schemes, you can reflect your brand image. The visual elements on the packaging materials will have a positive effect on your customers. You can add custom-printed tapes to the tin containers to show your brand name. There are some other unique ways to customize your packaging design.

Flawlessly designed reusable packaging helps in communicating your brand’s message effectively. Several consumers make their purchase decisions based on the product packaging. Thus, the presence of visually aesthetic graphics on your packaging material will make a difference.

Tin Protects Your Products

Some items need dark packaging for storage purposes. Consumers have to keep them away from light sources. As a manufacturer, you can choose opaque packaging for your products. Sunlight cannot pass through tin and keep the content safe. Moreover, as metal is sturdy, it provides the ultimate protection to the content.

Paper and other similar packaging materials get damaged within a very short period. Papers become thinner in due course, and they have a risk of moisture damage. Similarly, plastics are not much durable to hold the weight of your product. Although there are several metals, tin is the most affordable one for your needs.

Maintain Sustainability

Sustainability is another reason for choosing recyclable tin as your packaging material. You can reduce the use of new metal from our earth. Thus, it is a way of saving natural resources. The best tin containers are made of more than 80% of recycled metal.

As modern consumers like to use eco-friendly products, your tin and metal packaging will be attractive. Moreover, there are custom child-resistant containers made of tin. When the product needs to be out of reach of kids, tin

Tin vs plastic packaging

Tin vs Plastic Packaging: Which is Better?

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In this article, we shall explore the benefits of tin packaging, the disadvantages of plastic, and a comparison of the two. Let’s get started.

As people all around the world turn towards ethical practices like sustainability, there is the question of packaging and how it affects our environment. Most product packaging aims to be easy to recycle and biodegradable. However, harmful materials like plastic are still widely used to package many products.

Plastic containers and packaging remain one of the most dangerous materials for the environment as well as for human beings. Studies show that plastics can take up to 500 years to breakdown, but they do not actually decompose.

The Advantages of Tin packaging

Let’s take a look at the benefits of utilizing tin packaging for your products.

Tin is a Good Material for Preserving Contents

Tin is a strong material that protects its inner contents from physical damage, shields your product from light, keeps out moisture when properly sealed, is stackable, and prevents the exchange of fresh oxygen that is harmful for many food products. In summary, tin packaging protects products, delays spoilage and can be beautifully designed and printed.  These are but a few great reasons for tin packaging. 

Tin is Recyclable

Think about the last time you opened a package wrapped in paper or plastic. Chances are that you threw the torn-up packaging in the nearest trash can. When it comes to tin packaging, your customers will find good utilitarian use for the attractive tin containers once the contents have been consumed.  We call this the branding gift that keeps on giving.  Tin containers can be used to store food items in the pantry, jewelry, office products, vitamins for your purse or pocket, sewing supplies, and many more uses.  Most importantly, after its long and useful life, tin is 100% recyclable.

Tin Packaging is Convenient

Tin packaging is convenient and easy to use, sturdy and strong, very air-tight, attractive and appealing.  Additionally tin packaging is light-weight and convenient to handle. Tin packaging is lightweight and easy to transport.  Weight is an important factor in determining shipping costs especially after your product has been placed inside the tin containers.  Tin packaging will also save energy costs with the reduced rates of transportation. 

The Negative Impact of Plastic Packaging

Now that we have looked at the benefits of tin packaging, let’s consider plastic packaging?  Plastic is one of the most dangerous materials for the environment. Let’s explore why.

Plastic Takes Long to Degrade

Plastic is bad for the environment in many ways. First of all, plastics are petroleum by-products.   Most plastic ends up in a landfill or in our oceans. In a landfill, plastics can literally last forever.  Plastics do not decompose even though some estimates state that plastics will decompose in about 500 years.   In our oceans, the devastation seems even worse.  It is estimated that 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone. 100,000 marine animals annually die from getting entangled in plastic and these are just the creatures that are found and documented.

Plastic is Harmful to Inner Contents and To People

Plastic poses known dangers to the products that are placed inside plastic containers and packaging.  Packaging foodstuffs in plastic containers can cause the toxic components of plastic to leach into food and cause health risks. For example, phthalates, which are used in the production of PVC plastic, are known to be highly toxic.  Heating plastics in the microwave may cause chemicals to leach into your foods. Some of these chemicals have been linked to health problems such as metabolic disorders (including obesity) and reduced fertility. This leaching can occur even faster and to a greater degree when plastic is exposed to heat.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have taken a look at tin vs. plastic packaging. Suffice to say, tin is the superior option for packaging products. Tin King USA offers wholesale tin packaging for many uses, as well as child-resistant tin packaging for packaging that is required by law to protect children, but is easy to use for seniors.  Call Tin King USA for product packaging that is safe for their products, safe for their customers, safe for the environment and is 100% recyclable. 

Packaging Design Trends

Five Packaging Design Trends to Watch In 2021

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Whether you’re designing packaging for candy, cookies, cakes, medicines, CDs, tea, coffee, pencils, cigarettes, tobacco, stationery, spices, etc, various elements that embody your design matter for so many reasons. 

These elements such as the tin, the graphics, logos, color palettes, and more will go a long way to make an impression on consumers about your products. 

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to packaging design

However, here are some of the biggest trends defining the packaging design scene in 2021. You could get ideas and inspiration from these!

  • Minimal but Beautiful

Beauty does not necessarily have to be complex.

Simple imagery, with high creativity, could help you create highly impressionable designs. And this is one trend that has been prominent all through the past year. It’s definitely already dominating the scene again in 2021. 

More brands are adopting this modern and clean approach to their design. Most of these designs feature abstract shapes, simple color schemes, and geometry, along with colorful illustrations. If you want your design to exude high professionalism along with a chic and modern feel, this coil be it!

  • Chic Monochrome Packaging

Monochrome packaging design is quite underrated.

While it may not boast the level of popularity you’ll find with most other color schemes, this emerging packaging design trend is just as impactful as many others. 

With this, the focus is usually on clean and simple designs. And like the minimalist design we already discussed, the design also lets color and typography take the center stage in the design. If you’re gunning for the best possible custom tin packaging design, you can hardly go wrong with a simple monochrome identity. 

  • Plastic-free Packaging

The world is becoming more environmentally conscious. 

It’s become much clearer that non-biodegradable plastic products will only cause further harm to our environment while using up already scarce resources. Alternatives such as tin, which is recyclable, and paper, which is easily biodegradable are becoming more and more acceptable.  

This is taking precedence over many other aspects of design today. If you’re also focused on eco-friendly packaging design, we’ll be more than happy to help you devise tin packaging solutions that will meet and exceed your needs, here at Tin King USA!

  • Retro and Vintage Packaging

There’s something about vintage that has to do with quality.

Consumers nowadays seem to love vintage-inspired design because it evokes nostalgia. Brands are also taking advantage of this classic characteristic of retro packaging to design packaging that helps their products stand out on store shelves. This trend was prominent in 2020 and already enjoying more acceptance in branding and packaging design at the moment. 

  • Cost-effective Packaging

More brands are taking a hard look at their packaging design.

Packaging manufacturers are also actively looking for ways to reduce packaging materials. Products that are thinner, lighter, simpler, and stronger, are winning over others at the lower end. This has so many advantages which range from reducing production costs, increasing profits to boost the bottom line, and reducing environmental waste. 

Packaging with Tin King USA

We’re at the forefront of packaging manufacturing and design. 

Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to brand your products, in need of child-resistant tin packaging products that meet the unique needs of your target market, or just about any other thing, Tin King USA will be more than happy to help. We don’t just follow packaging design trends; we make these trends as well! 

Contact us at Tin King USA to get started.

Child Resistant Packaging

Child Resistant Packaging: FDA Requirements

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The best child-resistant packaging tick the box in two key areas;

  • First, they are designed to be difficult for children to open and retrieve the content inside, which may be harmful and injurious to their health (cannabis, for instance!)
  • Secondly, they are made so they are still easily accessible for seniors and adults who actually need to use the content inside the package.

We discussed this in our recent guide on Child Resistant Packaging: Keeping Children Safe

That recent post also discussed what is considered child-resistant packaging as well as why and how to choose the best child-resistant packaging for cannabis. 

Today, we’ll explore the basics of child-resistant packaging, as per the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Child-Resistant Packaging Statements in Drug Product Labeling

Some time ago, the FDA released the “Child-Resistant Packaging Statements in Drug Product Labeling” which they called a Draft Guidance for industry. The release, aimed at applicants, product manufacturers, packaging companies, retailers, and more, contained details on how products sold in the US must be labeled if the packaging is child-resistant. 

Child-resistant packaging has huge public health significance.

Children need to be prevented easy access to products that could harm them.  While the FDA is tasked with assessing and authorizing applications for child-resistant packaging, the responsibility for the enforcement of this law for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic products has fallen on the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) since 1973. 

How to Make Child-resistant Cannabis Packaging

The Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) of 1970 made it a matter of responsibility for manufacturers and packaging operators to ensure children under the age of five are prevented from access to harmful food and drug substances. 

While there are different ways manufacturers use to design child-resistant packaging, the most common method usually involves incorporating a child-resistant closure like a safety cap or peel-push blisters, in some cases. The method, however, varies with the type of product and the packaging material. 

How the FDA Evaluates Child-resistant Packaging

Upon application, the FDA will assess the application and packaging to ensure the boxes are ticked at all of the right places. Usually, this will include evaluating;

  • The type of packaging material used.
  • How stable the product is inside the packaging used, and
  • Whether the closure design is appropriate for the product in question.

While the FDA might not check whether the product complies with other guidelines in the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) enforceable by the CPSC, issues with the packaging will hamper your application and subsequent mass production.


Child-resistant packaging is a must for cannabis-based businesses.

The FDA Draft Guide for Industry on “Child-Resistant Packaging Statements in Drug Product Labeling” outlines the basics of proper labeling for products packaged in child-resistant packaging. It’s a very important aspect of your business that you should navigate with proper commitment and dedication.

Tin King USA manufactures child-resistant packaging for cannabis-based businesses as well as for other brands in the foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industry. 

We’ll be more than happy to help meet the unique needs of your customers while complying with every bit of regulatory requirements. 

Product Packaging

3 Ways Good Product Packaging Can Help Grow Your Business

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Proper product packaging does more than just housing your product.

While it’s expected to serve this primary purpose, it should also help market your brand at the same time. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it, but the quality of your product, as well as your packaging design, goes a long way to impact customer experience. 

The kind of experience you deliver for customers will also determine whether they become repeat customers, earn you referrals and positive recommendations, or the opposite. Here are three ways your brand can supercharge growth with creative product packaging. 

1. Brand Recognition and Awareness

According to Forbes, 7 seconds is all you have to make a first impression.

It only takes the average consumer a minute and a half to make a subconscious judgment about a particular product or brand. So, this is more reason why your messaging and branding should be on-brand. Proper product packaging helps your products stand out on store shelves. They’ll help make the right impression on potential buyers and help influence their buying decisions.  

2. Customer Retention and Sales

How you brand your product will impact your bottom line.

Good branding evokes emotional responses and can help trigger purchase decisions. 

According to research, over 60% of consumers will boycott a brand that they find politically offensive. But if your branding and marketing message evoke the right responses, up to 89% of consumers will stay loyal to your brand if they believe you share certain values with them. 

Brand loyalty can help a lot. Research has shown that about 43% of customers are likely to spend more on purchases with a brand they’re loyal to. And as much as 13% are willing to spend up to 50% if they feel your business is making a positive world impact. 

3. Marketing Boost 

Good product packaging can help give your marketing a boost.

Not only will it help market your products passively, but it can also help you win over more customers and increase brand loyalty. The good thing about loyal customers is that they’re often more like an advocate for your brand. From leaving positive reviews, spreading positive word of mouth recommendations, and earning you referrals, branding can go a long way to help boost your marketing and advertising. 

There is a lot to gain from good product packaging, and virtually nothing to lose. 

Proper product packaging will help establish your brand and product in the market and help distinguish you from your competitors. It will help you initiate positive relationships with your target audience and help you turn these relationships into sales and repeat customers.

Here at Tin King USA, we strive to help our customers deliver function product package solutions with tin packaging. We also offer a variety of other services that include printing, and graphic design services. Altogether, we strive to help clients fuse cost-effective product packaging with top-notch branding to help deliver a holistic customer experience. 

We serve businesses in different sectors and industries from food to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cannabis-based businesses, etc. Why not contact us today to get started? We’ll be more than happy to help. 

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