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Tin Boxes

Why You Need To Use Tin Boxes For Christmas Gift Packaging?

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Gifting is a tradition and a technique. Sometimes to motivate more sales and bring attention to your brand could be offering FREE samples. “Think outside the box” and let the people experience and learn about your product and fall in love with your products to become long-term customers. Consider Christmas tin box packaging for your amazing gift ideas. At Tin King USA all our tins are custom-designed and easy to use.  Our variety of container shapes and sizes can be brought to life with your very own branding, vibrant colors, and intricate designs. 

But, why should you invest in tin containers for your packaging needs? Find the reasons for buying these boxes in bulk. 

An Eco-friendly Solution

A business with sustainable and eco-friendly approaches easily attracts like-minded and motivated buyers. The custom-designed tins at Tin King USA are all created with recyclable and reusable tin plates and we can share the respectable MSDS accordingly. Paper and cardboard packaging materials need to be discarded after a single use, and plastic is destroying our planet. Tin packaging is a gift worth giving in so many different ways. Give your customers one more reason to buy your product with tin packing options. 

Highly Durable and Practical

Dry fruits, chocolates, and sweets are commonly chosen gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, etc… Tin container packaging can be finished with an eco-friendly foam insert in the lid of the tin to help cut down airflow when closed with the intention to preserve these treats inside. With an airtight seal, tin boxes protect your food from light and exposure. Staying fresh for longer. 

Run Your Branding Campaign

Custom-designed tin packaging creates an impacting impression and has been known to motivate spontaneous purchasing. Litho Graphicing off-set print with a 4ColorPrint process is the equivalent (High Quality) Cosmo Magazine style printing Personalized tin containers convey a valuable sentiment and thoughtfulness.

Please note, at a very reasonable few hundred dollars you can even emboss or deboss a design on the lid. As your customers will use the customized tin box for years to come, your brand logo and name will be there until recycled once again.

Tin King USA is a trusted and familiar name in the industry of custom tin packaging.  Visit us today for a free quote on orders greater than 5,000 units.

Easter Tin Packaging Designs To Win The Customers

Easter Tin Packaging Designs To Win The Customers

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It is Easter, and so is the time when we gift our loved ones unique items in tin packaging. We offer this type of packaging to businesses in bulk to enable their customers to make their Easter gifts stand out among the crowd. Their customers can therefore go all the way and make an elaborate surprise for everyone in their family, with the help of the following kinds of tin packaging.

Tin Packaging

Those who are environment lovers and want to reduce all the waste that plastic packaging generates can opt for Easter tin packaging. For our customer’s convenience, we have listed some of the different varieties of tin packaging that we provide on our website.

1. Customized Tin Packaging

People may want to gift anything to their loved one that touches their heart this Easter, for which they can choose customized tin packaging. For this, they can take a look at all the tin packaging designs that will appear pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, it will also make their Easter gift look aesthetic in the true sense.

As a customer, one can also use tin packaging to display their Easter gifts in the best way possible. Moreover, the customized tin packaging will steal their loved one’s heart. And they will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

2. Packing Easter Goodies

People can have the desire to surprise their kids with Easter goodies and toys that they can play with. To achieve this, we offer custom printed tins in bulk. These will make the children excited to open their gifts and have fun at the same time.

It is also a great way of educating the children about sustainability by switching to tin packaging. These types of tin packaging are much more durable in comparison to plastic. In addition, it is also a product that the children will be able to recycle.

3. Gifting Tin Packaging to Adults

Easter is the time when friends and family come over. To celebrate this occasion, at times, we adults tend to gift each other. But, our customers will be able to do something different this time.

For instance, with Tin King USA, they can gift beer bottles to their family and friends on Easter. If someone’s family is a wine lover, they can also try to incorporate them within tin packaging to give them a classic touch.

4. Packaging Chocolates

Chocolates are our best friends. So, if any of the customers want to do something special for their partner, they can gift them chocolates with tin packaging. It will enable them to relish the taste and admire the tin packaging.

To make it look more beautiful, they can choose tin packaging with colorful and floral prints. If they are thinking of surprising their children with chocolates, they can then look for prints with motifs of cartoons that their children will love.


With tin packaging, therefore, business owners will not only be able to help their customers to gift their loved ones what their hearts desire but also something that they can hold on to. Thus, they don’t have to wait any longer to ge

Uses of Tin Containers

8 Creative Uses of Tin Containers and Boxes

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Tins containers and packaging are gaining popularity in the beverage and food industry as they come with several advantages. Among them, the primary reasons are their durability and versatility.

So, you may use tin containers for storing candies or drinks. You may also create lovely hues of paints with decorative tin containers. But do you know tin container usage is not restricted to only all these everyday purposes?

You should be aware of the different uses of tin containers that are still unknown to you. For instance, there are a wide variety of craft projects that run using versatile tin containers.

Tin King USA, a leading tin box manufacturer and supplier, customizes the tin container valuing the needs and safety of the customers. So, using tin containers and packaging from this brand means you get the best cans.

Now that you know where to get the best quality tin containers and packaging let’s dive into the main topic.

1. Desk Organizer

A desk, when in a mess, creates havoc in daily life. What if you use a tin container to organize your desk, drawers and similar areas? Sounds interesting!

Get hold of tin containers from Tin King USA to organize your stationery supplies like paper clips, tape, erasers, rubber bands, pencils, pens etc. Organizing stationery supplies with Tin King USA containers not only helps to keep things organized but also looks aesthetically pleasing. You can customize them as per your choice and match the whole vibe.

2. Accessories Organizer

Just as tin containers can help to organize your desk, in the same way, you can choose them to organize your accessories. Simply glue a couple of tin cans together and create cubbies for your handkerchiefs, scarves and more.

3. Wine rack

Wolla! You can use tin containers to organize your branded wine bottles as well. The printed tin containers from Tin King USA look attractive to DIY them into a wine rack.

4. Décor

With out-of-the-box creative tin containers, you can quite decently save money on decorating your home or business space. From 3D printed mockups to your personalized artwork, the design and engineering department of Tin King USA covers everything.

Use them as hanging lanterns, vases, showpieces and several other ways. In addition, you can also use them for wedding décor or other events.

5. Small First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is an essential box that each one of us needs to keep handy. Whenever stuck in emergencies, a small first aid kit can come to the rescue. With versatile tin boxes, you can transform them into first aid kits and keep band-aid, Chapstick, medicines, Ibuprofen, etc., inside them.

6. Plant Markers

Tin containers and boxes can also come in use as plant markers. Customize names on the boxes and get the strips out of them to stick into the ground.

7. Bakeware

Repurpose the versatile tin containers into bakeware. Use the printed tin cans and fix a matching plate on top of it to use as a unique mini cake stand.

8. Hanging Birds Feeder

Give a personal touch to the bird feeder by using striking tin containers. Use some rope to tie the container with the branch of the tree and add bird feeds. See the beautiful birds gather to meet their hunger.

These are eight creative uses of tin containers and packaging. If you want to know more and turn them into reality, visit the website. Our experts are always ready to assist you with personalizing tin containers for you.

Tin Containers

Advantages of Using Tin Containers for Packaging

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If you manufacture in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, containers are one of the most prioritized forms of packaging. Tin cans are ideal for packaging soups, soft drinks, beverages, powders, spices, medicine, and many more. Unlike the regular packaging metals or other packaging methods, tin containers are advantageous in that they do not react with acidic products or make the material corrode. Tins containers can store your products for longer, and the best thing is that Tin King USA can customize your tin packaging to meet all your packaging needs while showcasing your brand.

Can Package Products for Longer period

One of the advantages of using tin containers is that you can safely package your products for a longer period. Tin containers are not like regular metal containers that react with acidic content and make the metal corrode. This can contaminate the packaged products, damage them and reduce their shelf life. With tin can packaging, you are guaranteed safety and a longer packaging period.


Another advantage of using tin containers for packaging is that they are very lightweight, making them easy to handle. This makes transporting packaged products even for long distances seamless. You already know that transport providers charge transport fees for goods based on their weight. You can consider cutting the transportation cost by using these lightweight tin containers for packaging. This will reduce your overall cost of production, which is good for your business.

Strong and Rigid

Tin containers are made with strong and rigid features. This makes them stay in shape even when they are subjected to high impact. If you are worried about having deformed cans that can lead to returns, then tin containers should be your go-to packaging. These cans also allow various forms of transportation and remain in good condition until it reaches the consumer. These tins offer flexible packaging and can be arranged and rearranged in different ways to suit your mode of transport while maintaining their original shape. Using other packaging material for your products can easily get deformed, which is bad for your business.


Whether you want a decorative tin container for packaging your products or tins tailored to suit your product’s size, shape, and capacity, tin containers are highly customizable. The packaging of a product can influence a buyer’s decision. It’s best to work with custom tin packaging manufactures to make tin containers for your products that will make them irresistible to buy. Any design you think of can be tailor-made for your products and make them stand out from the rest.


Though tin containers can be made of different materials, you are guaranteed that your products will be safe if they can resist corrosion and rust. This increases your product’s shelf life and prevents them from becoming contaminated. If you are looking for a wholesale tin cans supplier. Tin King USA got you covered. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom tin packaging containers that combine innovation and design to meet your packaging needs and increase your brand exposure. Contacts us here to get a quote.

Custom Tin Packaging

Custom Tin Packaging

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Custom decorative tin containers are very popular around the world and for very good reasons. First, there is a very high perceived value placed on decorative tin containers. Directly printing on the tins, embossing the lid, etc. accentuates this high perceived value. Note that we all save these containers particularly if there is good utilitarian use for the tin container after consuming the product inside.

Secondly, this high perceived value is reflected onto the product inside the container. Customers immediately assume the product inside must be of the highest quality since it is packed inside a decorative tin container with high perceived value.

Thirdly, because of the high perceived value of a decorative tin container, people will not throw the containers away and will find many uses after the product is consumed. This gives you ongoing and valuable brand exposure and the cost is easily justified because of the gift that keeps on giving – brand exposure for years to come!

Our custom tin packaging includes child resistant tin containers, promotional tin containers for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, anniversaries, etc. Also included are tin lunch boxes, liquor tin containers, tea tin containers, mint tin containers, unique shaped tin boxes, serving tin trays, round tin containers, square tin boxes, rectangular tin boxes, oval tin packaging, tin coaster sets, heart shaped tin boxes, tin watch packaging and more. The use of tin packaging includes packaging for candy, cookies, cakes, medicines, CDs, tea, coffee, pencils, cigarettes, tobacco, stationery, spices and many more applications.

Our motto at Tin King USA is “If You can Think It, We Can Tin It!” Our goal is to take your ideas and concepts and turn them into reality. Everything we produce is custom-made so bring us your ideas regarding shape, size, color, etc., and our team of designers, engineers and dedicated manufacturing individuals will impress you.

Our tinplate, inks and coatings are certified to be 100% safe for children, food and all consumers. Unlike plastics and other materials, you don’t have to worry about the dangers of leaching chemicals when storing food, coffee, spices, pet foods, and other edibles. Additionally, tin containers are 100% recyclable .

Call us at Tin King USA for solutions that are safe, recyclable and have the perception of being of the highest quality. Stand out against your competition with superior custom tin packaging, eye catching printing, beautiful embossing and a uniqueness that speaks volumes about your quality products.

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