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Cannabis Packaging

What Are the Cannabis Products Packaging and Labeling Requirements?

What Are the Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Requirements?

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Several states in the USA have made it legal to consume medical and recreational cannabis. However, cannabis product manufacturers have to abide by some packaging rules. For instance, custom child-resistant tin containers are highly important for cannabis product manufacturers. So, you must fulfill labeling and packaging requirements to avoid legal issues in the future. Let us now discuss those packaging rules for cannabis.

Your cannabis product packages should have a number of features-

· Tamper-Proof– The product would be visible only after opening the package.

· Child-Resistant– The best childproof tins are not easy to open for children below 5 years.

· Resalable– The package should be resalable if the product cannot be consumed at a time.

· Opaque– It is essential for edible CBD products.

Your manufactured items will be safe from harmful substances and risk of contamination. These finished products have to be packaged before transferring them to the distributors. Moreover, the packaging design should not be attractive to kids. Neither should they replicate the design of non-cannabis product packages.

So, you have to be thoughtful while choosing custom cannabis packaging.

Solid and Liquid Edible Cannabis Product Packaging Rules

· Edible CBD products should be properly packaged with clear labeling. Consumers have to understand that the package contains cannabis products.

· The design of the product package should not be such that it looks like a branded product for kids. For instance, there must not be an image of a cartoon character, balloon, and other similar other elements.

· You should not market cannabis gummies as ordinary candies.

· The child-resistant box should have the potential for multiple openings.

· You can choose thick plastic for liquid cannabis products. Food-grade containers are also best for holding solid items.

What Should You Display on Your Cannabis Product Labels?

· Primarily, consumers should easily be able to read the label. In most cases, the top and front sides of the package are chosen for labeling purposes. The most important things that you should display on your label-

· Generic name for an easy product identification

· Universal symbol- It signifies that the container has cannabis items. The size of the symbol is around 0.5 x 0.5”.

· Net volume or weight- The package content should be shown in both US customary units and metrics.

· Cannabis-infused- You have to show a clear description of the product package.

Other Things to Be Displayed on the Cannabis Packaging

You should reveal some other details about your products.

· The user of any allergic ingredients like soybeans and wheat.

· Artificial food colorings

· Date of packaging

· Batch number

· Expiration date

· In the case of high-THC products, you must declare that they are only for medical uses.

· Contact information 

· Grams and milligrams

· Amount of sodium, fat, carbohydrate, and other ingredients and sub-ingredients

Do you now like to buy cannabis product packages? You can contact Tin King USA to purchase your cannabis product packages. It is the best childproof packaging supplier, which provides you with sturdy tin boxes. These customizable containers will fulfill your packaging requirements.

Affects of the MORE Act on Cannabis packaging

Affects of the MORE Act on Cannabis Packaging

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The majority of the United States wants marijuana to be legalized. Among them, 91% recognize the need for it to be inclusive in recreational activities as well as medical care. Accordingly, the United States is more briefed on bringing a change now than the country has ever been before!

This is why the latest news on the MORE Act is passing through the Congress party. As a result, the population is more excited. The companies like inclined to manufacture Custom Child Resistant Tin Containers are equally thrilled to hear that.

What is the MORE Act?

The MORE Act is a short form for the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement Act in the United States House of Representatives. This act was earlier in December 2020, shot down by the Senate. Later in late 2021, May Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) reintroduced it. On April 1, 2022, the MORE Act passed by Congress by 220-204 votes in its favor. Though two of the Democrats were against the bill and voted against it, three of the Republicans voted in favor of supporting the MORE bill.

In essence, the MORE act is favorable to eliminating cannabis from the drugs regulated list of the Controlled Substances Act. Subsequently, there would be the abolition of federal cannabis offenses, and those convicted of previous criminal records would get purged.

The act also imposes a tax on its retail sales and constitutes some of the socio-economic criteria to support the prison population, which the federal cannabis prohibition policy enforcement has impacted. Hence, this can be said to be a highly constructive bill that will move towards improving the vigor of the United States population. 

Plus, there would be a huge benefit for dispensaries and businesses of custom cannabis packaging to get access to federal financial resources. Moreover, there would be a notable number of the prison population who would be back as contributing fellows of the society.

What Will Happen Next?

Even in-between positive benefits of implementing the act, there still remain some hurdles needed to be overcome. There are contending against decriminalization bills by the opposing Republicans and Democrats. The MORE Act needs at least 10 supporters from the Republicans to pass the Senate. Fortunately, the hope is still alive! Even if everything is a probability, the fact that it has been made through Congress is a promising indication of a possible change in the near future.

How Can the MORE Act Benefit the Cannabis Packaging Industry?

Many cannabis packaging companies find it a major challenge to implement child-resistant cannabis packaging and other safety standards at the state level. Nonetheless, Tin King USA is one of the best child-resistant manufacturing companies that efficiently implements custom packaging, keeping it safe from children. 

With the passing of the MORE Act, cannabis will not be under criminal charges at the federal level. Therefore, different marijuana packaging conditions come under the same category. There will be a possible resounding notice of it no longer being a controlled substance. Also, the regulations will loosen up.

Certainly, cannabis would still be allowed for people above 21 years of age. Although there will be a few labeling regulations along with other minor issues, they will perhaps be aligned with the treatment received in the case of alcohol and other tobacco products.

Cannabis Tin Packaging

Cannabis Tin Packaging vs. Stock Packaging

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Personalizing the product’s packaging may be a tremendous asset. But it’s not always the ideal option. You want to differentiate yourself from the competition. But at the same time, you want to minimize wasted time and money. You could also get that high-end appearance through various methods, even before it is time to go fully customized, while you work on growing your brand. In this article, we will talk discuss if cannabis packaging tins are better or if stock packaging is the wiser choice.

What Are Tin Containers for Cannabis?

A cannabis tin metal container is a robust food-grade storage tin that seals in smells and maintains the freshness of your product. These containers are made of tin metal. Tin storage containers are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for everyday cannabis storage since they can be reused and are constructed entirely of recyclable materials. This makes them a perfect fit for the cannabis industry.

What is Stock packaging?

Stock packaging can have a variety of meanings depending on the packaging provider. The inventory item known as stock packaging is readily accessible and prepared to be sent. It is manufactured in enormous quantities, and the price point reflects the economies of scale that result from this production method.

Since the minimum order quantity for stock packaging is far cheaper than that of custom packaging, it is frequently used by new businesses in addition to well-established brands. The product is ready for sale on the market as soon as the manufacturer applies a label to a standard bottle. Stock packaging can also be in the shape of bags, cartons, boxes, and other containers. This refers to an unlabelled product that does not require specialized branding or design and customizing services.

Relatively small cannabis manufacturers and those testing novel products in small batches might benefit greatly by purchasing stock cannabis packaging.

What Is the Difference Between Tin and Stock Packaging?

When compared to packaging made of plastic, a metal container with a lid provides improved protection, portability, and durability. A metal box with a lid won’t break apart like plastic containers, and you won’t have to worry about them harming the product with hazardous microplastics.

Why Is Cannabis Tin Packaging Better?

The structure of the container prevents the marijuana from being damaged by crushing and shields it from the damaging effects of sunlight and water. In addition to protecting the product from air, the container that has been sealed up has also been flushed with nitrogen before the lids have been placed on the cans. Even when the temperature within the can changes, no chemicals will seep out of the can material, which will keep the product’s scent and integrity intact.

The cannabis tin packaging is also resistant to changes in temperature, which means that they do not release any chemical compounds that may suffocate the terpenes in the cannabis and prevent them from releasing their fresh scent. You can preserve the cannabis blossoms for many years in the cans. The conventional plastic packaging that can be found on the market, on the other hand, is not recyclable like tin cans, which are significantly better for the Earth.

Final thoughts

In today’s extremely competitive cannabis industry, it’s more important than ever to stand apart. Your brand should increase client awareness and loyalty. People will recognize your brand if you repeat a message consistently. Customers are more inclined to acquire your goods than others since it’s consistent with their past experiences. Maintaining consistency across your firm provides reliability, and people trust what they can depend on. So to answer the question raised above, it is safe to say that tin containers are the wiser choice. Tin King USA supplies child-proof containers wholesale.

Right Custom Tin Packaging To Grow Your Cannabis Business

Right Custom Tin Packaging To Grow Your Cannabis Business

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Custom product packaging can be a matter of great value when it comes to shopping. An attractive and meaningful package can easily persuade the customers to choose a brand as the right one. There is no denying that whatever one sees sells more. As a result, many decisions of customers get influenced to purchase a product by just looking at the packaging. Hence, when the brand pays more attention to the packaging details, it helps stand out in the market than the typical marketing strategies.

In this article, let us find out how important it is to emphasize cannabis packaging to increase sales.

Why does Packaging Quality Of Cannabis Matter?

Custom packaging of cannabis is the first feature that a consumer could see. Hence, it usually creates a dominant first impression that plays a crucial role in the growth of the success of the cannabis brand.

Packaging acts like the calling card of the brand identity. While buying the product, a customer can check out the packaging and labels on it. If the customer can resonate with the product by looking at the outside package, they will buy it. Quality packaging really boasts the value and demand for the product.

Therefore, cannabis retailers should unfailingly deliver high-quality products, inform the product consumers and make attractive designs to grab their attention in order to reach the target customers.

Here are some points to explain why cannabis packaging can improve the business growth of cannabis in the retail environment.

Setting up Your Brand

Although cannabis packaging usually includes bottles, bags, jars, vials, and tubes, retailers in the cannabis industry are also exploring custom tin packaging. You can also customize the size and shape to distinguish it from other brands.

It has become vital to set yourself a bit different from the other competitive brands with the help of custom elements. It does not mean that you have to design a loud package. Customize cannabis tin can packaging in a way so that it stands out among other brands on the store shelf.

You can do something with the color and font size to create a unique look for your product. Experiment with labels or eye-catching custom printing on the cannabis packaging to make it more appealing in front of the customers.

Maximize The Presence in Compact Space

To grow your cannabis business, you should make the most of your shelf by maximizing its presence with graphic packaging. It tends to offer a more meaningful and irresistible display even if the retail display space is compact.

Consider The Needs Of The Customer

If you want to take advantage of the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, customize the packaging and labels on it to connect with your target audience. Research to discover what actually works best to grab the attention of the audience. Personalize the package and switch to artwork to improve the shelf presentation.


With the advancement of technology, the techniques of packaging are also developing. Hence, to keep up with the trend, Tin King USA manufactures innovative and functional tin cannabis packaging. Plus, they also take into account the means to resist children. Therefore, they produce child resistant tin containers that are safe from children and easy to use for adults and older consumers.

Child Resistant Tin Packaging for Cannabis Edibles

How to Choose Child Resistant Tin Packaging for Cannabis Edibles?

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The makers of Cannabis edibles are continuously questing for some new styles and closures for cannabis packaging. Among cannabis packaging, child-resistant packaging plays a crucial role in resisting children from getting access to cannabis-infused edibles. This is especially needed to prevent the kids from eating them as they look quite appealing in their eyes.

Nonetheless, it is not only about the safety issue of choosing child-resistant packaging for cannabis-infused edibles. This type of packaging also helps in increasing the shelf-life and also the cost of them. Besides, the branding potential, environmental impact, reflexive usage, and easy access for senior consumers occupy the top concerned areas.

A child-resistant closure is easy to access for senior consumers with vision impairment, less strength in hands, or low eye-hand coordination. So, the packaging design should be such that only senior consumers could only open and resecure it and manage to resist children from consuming it.

Gruskin Warner states that the cannabis packaging industry sees more innovation in child-resistant styles than in the other markets.

Choosing A Structure

First of all, it is essential to choose a structure for child-resistant packaging. Some options that are available in the market are mainly child-resistant tin packaging, glass bottles, plastic containers, rigid paper containers, blister packs, and adaptable film pouches.

Rigid Paper Containers

Although there are several child-resistant rigid paper containers available in the market, they do not provide a perfect solution to retain the freshness of the product.

Gruskin Warner once said that these types of packaging do not generally offer a shelf life to cannabis-infused foods and beverages. Hence, the edibles must have to be flow-wrapped prior to inserting into the packages. However, if you use child-resistant tin packaging, you don’t have to worry about its shelf life.

Plastic Packaging

Plastic materials are pretty much suitable for the use of child-resistant packaging. They are not only lightweight but need only limited resources for production. Besides, polypropylene is durable, flexible, and consists of tolerance viscosity when the injection is moulded.

However, not everyone wants to use plastic packaging due to its harmful environmental impact. Therefore, most buyers opt for child-resistant tin packaging as they are environmentally friendly, maintain long shelf life and keep it away from the child’s reach.

Multilayered And Flexible Film Pouches

The multilayered film pouches are ideal as it acts as a barrier against the entry of air which moistens the product inside. Additionally, they are suitable for resisting the strong smells from fleeing.

However, unlike plastic containers, they require multiple materials to lower the air and vapour transmission inside and out of the pack. Similarly, they cost less and occupy very little space for storage than rigid packaging. Regardless, this type of packaging is quite flimsy and may cause spillage, which is why people trust child-resistant tin packaging more than any other material.

Child-Resistant Tin Packaging

Perhaps, tin packaging is the ideal child-resistant packaging for cannabis edibles. They come with several benefits, including long shelf-life, different styles, child-resistant, and scope for striking branding compared to other materials. Tin King USA is the leading manufacturer and tin packaging supplier. Their workforce and expertise efficiently customise the tin packaging to source them on the customer’s demand.

Tin King USA, the tin packaging supplier, thinks out of the box to customise the order in a wide variety of sizes and also uses 3-D technology to print innovative designs. If you want to know more, visit us and see how they spoil you with their vast options.

Cannabis Packaging regulation

Federal Laws for Cannabis Packaging

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According to the latest reports, there are now 36 states that have some version of legalized medical cannabis, 14 states that have legalized recreational cannabis and 16 states that have decriminalized its use.  All of this creates much confusion as states try to catch up with all the laws that will be required to accommodate this legalization.

Needless to say, many states are desperately trying to catch up with the required laws and regulations.  Adding to the confusion is that federal laws still classify cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, which prevents the research so badly needed.  Suffice it to say there is a lot of confusion depending upon which state you reside in.

This brings me to the proper packaging of Cannabis products that contain THC levels above 3/10ths of one percent.  There are federal laws that regulate and require certified child resistant packaging requirements.  There are a few regulatory agencies that will be very helpful in navigating your way through packaging regulation, requirements and laws.

The first agency is the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC).  By their own definition, the “CPSC administers and enforces several federal laws. These laws authorize the agency to protect the public against unreasonable risks of injuries and deaths associated with consumer products”. I would direct you to their Regulations, Laws and Standards department at–Standards.  There is a wealth of information here, but unfortunately the regulations for packaging cannabis products will be found under several agencies, acts and sets of laws and regulations.  It is a lot to read and understand, which is why consultants are a good investment.

We will begin with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA), which can be found at–Standards/Statutes/Poison-Prevention-Packaging-Act.  As this article is about the regulations of cannabis packaging, I am particularly focused on child resistant (CR) tin packaging, as this is our expertise.  Please keep in mind this information will be very helpful regardless of the type of packaging you intend to utilize.

Other agencies to be familiar with are the Consumer Product safety Act (CPSA), Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and the Child safety Protection Act (CSPA).  I have provided many references in this article but there is obviously a lot of information to absorb.  Child resistant packaging should include branding, great design and easy to use CR containers.  A great CR container keeps children safe, are senior friendly and tin packaging will stay around for many years.  Other critical considerations for CR packaging are manufacturing automation and fulfillment.

Additionally, please be aware that many states have implemented their own packaging regulations for the cannabis industry and often times do not provide any grace period.  Ignorance of the law is still no excuse so please do your homework and utilize a consultant to be on the safe side.  Federal and state compliance is required – no exceptions.

In the future, I will talk about the importance of CR products being certified, additional compliance issues, automation (you don’t need to be a huge company to be automated) and more.

Thank you for your time!

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