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child-resistant tin packaging

Child Resistant Tin Packaging for Cannabis Edibles

How to Choose Child Resistant Tin Packaging for Cannabis Edibles?

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The makers of Cannabis edibles are continuously questing for some new styles and closures for cannabis packaging. Among cannabis packaging, child-resistant packaging plays a crucial role in resisting children from getting access to cannabis-infused edibles. This is especially needed to prevent the kids from eating them as they look quite appealing in their eyes.

Nonetheless, it is not only about the safety issue of choosing child-resistant packaging for cannabis-infused edibles. This type of packaging also helps in increasing the shelf-life and also the cost of them. Besides, the branding potential, environmental impact, reflexive usage, and easy access for senior consumers occupy the top concerned areas.

A child-resistant closure is easy to access for senior consumers with vision impairment, less strength in hands, or low eye-hand coordination. So, the packaging design should be such that only senior consumers could only open and resecure it and manage to resist children from consuming it.

Gruskin Warner states that the cannabis packaging industry sees more innovation in child-resistant styles than in the other markets.

Choosing A Structure

First of all, it is essential to choose a structure for child-resistant packaging. Some options that are available in the market are mainly child-resistant tin packaging, glass bottles, plastic containers, rigid paper containers, blister packs, and adaptable film pouches.

Rigid Paper Containers

Although there are several child-resistant rigid paper containers available in the market, they do not provide a perfect solution to retain the freshness of the product.

Gruskin Warner once said that these types of packaging do not generally offer a shelf life to cannabis-infused foods and beverages. Hence, the edibles must have to be flow-wrapped prior to inserting into the packages. However, if you use child-resistant tin packaging, you don’t have to worry about its shelf life.

Plastic Packaging

Plastic materials are pretty much suitable for the use of child-resistant packaging. They are not only lightweight but need only limited resources for production. Besides, polypropylene is durable, flexible, and consists of tolerance viscosity when the injection is moulded.

However, not everyone wants to use plastic packaging due to its harmful environmental impact. Therefore, most buyers opt for child-resistant tin packaging as they are environmentally friendly, maintain long shelf life and keep it away from the child’s reach.

Multilayered And Flexible Film Pouches

The multilayered film pouches are ideal as it acts as a barrier against the entry of air which moistens the product inside. Additionally, they are suitable for resisting the strong smells from fleeing.

However, unlike plastic containers, they require multiple materials to lower the air and vapour transmission inside and out of the pack. Similarly, they cost less and occupy very little space for storage than rigid packaging. Regardless, this type of packaging is quite flimsy and may cause spillage, which is why people trust child-resistant tin packaging more than any other material.

Child-Resistant Tin Packaging

Perhaps, tin packaging is the ideal child-resistant packaging for cannabis edibles. They come with several benefits, including long shelf-life, different styles, child-resistant, and scope for striking branding compared to other materials. Tin King USA is the leading manufacturer and tin packaging supplier. Their workforce and expertise efficiently customise the tin packaging to source them on the customer’s demand.

Tin King USA, the tin packaging supplier, thinks out of the box to customise the order in a wide variety of sizes and also uses 3-D technology to print innovative designs. If you want to know more, visit us and see how they spoil you with their vast options.

Packaging Design Trends

Five Packaging Design Trends to Watch In 2021

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Whether you’re designing packaging for candy, cookies, cakes, medicines, CDs, tea, coffee, pencils, cigarettes, tobacco, stationery, spices, etc, various elements that embody your design matter for so many reasons. 

These elements such as the tin, the graphics, logos, color palettes, and more will go a long way to make an impression on consumers about your products. 

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to packaging design

However, here are some of the biggest trends defining the packaging design scene in 2021. You could get ideas and inspiration from these!

  • Minimal but Beautiful

Beauty does not necessarily have to be complex.

Simple imagery, with high creativity, could help you create highly impressionable designs. And this is one trend that has been prominent all through the past year. It’s definitely already dominating the scene again in 2021. 

More brands are adopting this modern and clean approach to their design. Most of these designs feature abstract shapes, simple color schemes, and geometry, along with colorful illustrations. If you want your design to exude high professionalism along with a chic and modern feel, this coil be it!

  • Chic Monochrome Packaging

Monochrome packaging design is quite underrated.

While it may not boast the level of popularity you’ll find with most other color schemes, this emerging packaging design trend is just as impactful as many others. 

With this, the focus is usually on clean and simple designs. And like the minimalist design we already discussed, the design also lets color and typography take the center stage in the design. If you’re gunning for the best possible custom tin packaging design, you can hardly go wrong with a simple monochrome identity. 

  • Plastic-free Packaging

The world is becoming more environmentally conscious. 

It’s become much clearer that non-biodegradable plastic products will only cause further harm to our environment while using up already scarce resources. Alternatives such as tin, which is recyclable, and paper, which is easily biodegradable are becoming more and more acceptable.  

This is taking precedence over many other aspects of design today. If you’re also focused on eco-friendly packaging design, we’ll be more than happy to help you devise tin packaging solutions that will meet and exceed your needs, here at Tin King USA!

  • Retro and Vintage Packaging

There’s something about vintage that has to do with quality.

Consumers nowadays seem to love vintage-inspired design because it evokes nostalgia. Brands are also taking advantage of this classic characteristic of retro packaging to design packaging that helps their products stand out on store shelves. This trend was prominent in 2020 and already enjoying more acceptance in branding and packaging design at the moment. 

  • Cost-effective Packaging

More brands are taking a hard look at their packaging design.

Packaging manufacturers are also actively looking for ways to reduce packaging materials. Products that are thinner, lighter, simpler, and stronger, are winning over others at the lower end. This has so many advantages which range from reducing production costs, increasing profits to boost the bottom line, and reducing environmental waste. 

Packaging with Tin King USA

We’re at the forefront of packaging manufacturing and design. 

Whether you’re looking for innovative ways to brand your products, in need of child-resistant tin packaging products that meet the unique needs of your target market, or just about any other thing, Tin King USA will be more than happy to help. We don’t just follow packaging design trends; we make these trends as well! 

Contact us at Tin King USA to get started.

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