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Cannabis Tin Packaging

tin box packaging

Why Tin Box Packaging Is Popular in the Market?

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We use a lot of products in a single day, and almost all of them come with packaging. Plastic and paper are the two most popular forms of packaging; however, they are not the best for the environment. As the world is seeing an alarming rate of increased plastic pollution, finding alternatives should be our concern. This is why tin packaging is becoming popular in many countries. 

The Reasons for Tin Box Packaging’s Popularity:

· Better Sealing

Although it is a known fact that tin packaging is better than plastic packaging for environmental reasons, there are more than tin packaging offers. When you store a product in a tin container, it helps isolate the product from outside environmental factors and keeps the product safe. The tightness of tin packaging is better in all aspects; hence food and other consumables remain fresh over a longer period. Food and beverage companies use tin packaging to increase shelf life. 

· Boosting Product Sales

Tin packaging can aid in selling more products. When consumers think of buying a product, they pay close attention to the packaging, and tin packaging appears more secure and durable. Tin King USA testifies that the product inside is in the best condition, which eventually leads to a sale. Customers favour brands that have tin packaging for their products. 

· Better Appearance

Not only that the tin boxes are durable, but they also come in unique shapes and sizes, which increase the overall appeal of the product. The high tensile strength of the material allows wholesale tin containers to achieve any shape that paper and plastic packaging cannot. Plus, the rigidity of the packaging handles impact and shocks pretty well and protects the product inside from damage. A bright-colored box with detailing is sure to catch a customer’s eye. Moreover, the maintenance cost remains low when shipping the products internationally. 

· Availability

Tin packaging is made of iron and other metals, which are abundant in nature. They are easy to work with and are environment-friendly. Plastic is the environment’s enemy, as they take a very long time to disintegrate compared to metal. Almost all plastic packaging is unusable after you have taken the product out. 

· Multiple Uses

Metal tin packaging is not just packaging; they are metal boxes. As these boxes and custom tin containers are durable, you can use them even after you have finished using the actual product. You can store snacks, and other items in the container, and they will remain fresh and usable. That way, you don’t need extra containers for use and also save money. It also helps you generate less plastic waste. 

· Safety

Tin box packaging comes with food-grade ink that is environmentally friendly. That makes the food non-reactive to the packaging, and hence it comes clean in tests under FDA and other food and beverages safety authorities. 


Tin box packaging is not only good for the environment, but they also help keep the ingredients safe and secure from the outer environment. The rigidity and tighter packaging help increase shelf-life and the quality of the product; hence, tin packaging is better than plastic and paper bags. 


Cannabis Tin Packaging

5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Cannabis Tin Packaging

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Cannabis or marijuana has been illegal and taboo for many decades, but things have changed rapidly over the last ten years. Since then, it has become legal in many US states and nationwide in Canada, and that has seen growth in consumption among people. Due to that, cannabis products have become safer to use. However, the packaging of cannabis products needs a good makeover, especially Cannabis Tin Packaging. Clear plastic packaging is a thing of the past, and to preserve the qualities and increase shelf life, there are several ways to ensure that through packaging. 

Tips for upgrading cannabis tin packaging

1. Cannabis Packaging Types

Besides plastic bags, many brands choose clear glass jars, tin box packaging, and pouches. Although flexible, plastic pouches are seeing a growth in popularity among customers, each has its advantages and disadvantages. While plastic pouches cut costs, tin packaging is more durable and has a longer shelf life. 

So, if you choose to use tin packaging, make sure that gets an eye-catching label and all the packaging information visible to make the customer aware of the product. 

2. Target Market and Design

As your products need to target different demographics and different customers, so the design of the product has to be at the forefront. Packaging such a product can impact the customer base, which will show in sales. Most people still have a stigma for using cannabis, and proper packaging and labeling can take care of that. 

Although the packaging needs to come out as childproof tins, they need to be assuring for the customers to be safe to use. However, the packaging should not be too bright and feature bright colors that may attract children. With that, cartoons and words like ‘candy,’ and ‘gummies’ may prove fruitful from the marketing angle but may not look ethical. 

3. Legal Requirements

As a cannabis products seller, you have to keep updated with the latest laws and regulations regarding the production, packaging, and marketing of cannabis products. The law generally requires the product to stay in the same state of production. 

Still, you have to mention certain aspects of your products such as – child resistant closures, legal warnings, design and branding, features indicating tampering, health claims, shelf life, etc. 

4. Considering the Customer

Your goal as a cannabis marketer is to gain a new customer base. That includes adults, disabled people, and also the elderly. The packaging of the product should be easy to open but will be well protected. Moreover, highlighting your brand’s identity may encourage customers to stick to your brand. 

5. Packaging Process

Finally, you have to choose the way you’ll be packaging your product. You can go the traditional way which is by hand packaging, or use machines to do that. Manual packaging may be better for quality control, but they are not efficient in times of high demand. You can reach out to tin containers wholesale to supply packaging containers and use machines to fill them.


Packaging your cannabis products correctly can open up new businesses and gain new customers, provided you follow the tips above. With a little effort, your tin packaging can become the best among the competitors. 

Cannabis Tin Packaging Safety Tips

Cannabis Tin Packaging Safety Tips

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Parenting can seem to be a rollercoaster ride at times. However, parents must have control over the exposure elements of their children, especially when it is to drugs and medicines. As a result, investing in child-resistant tins is important.

The importance of cannabis tin packaging is extremely crucial as it is always difficult to keep children under close observation. Unfortunately, children do not know the side effects of several things. Therefore, if they accidentally consume something dangerous in a fraction of a second, nothing can be worse than that.

So, there is so much to rave about tin container wholesale as they are a way to prevent some unfortunate incidents. Plus, it makes sure to keep your children safe and in good health.

What Is Child Resistant Packaging?

Child Resistant Packaging is a way to safely package products and reduce the chance of injuries to children from commodities, including cleaning items and medicines. Hence, cannabis tin packaging is an important safety component for these types of commodities containing harmful substances for children.

Child-resistant tins are extremely difficult to open by children, especially under five years. So, it is a great way to keep your products out of their hands and protect the vulnerable ones from the harmful effects of any inappropriate commodity.

Although many people think that this type of packaging is essential to pack items containing harmful or unsafe substances, both liquid and gel supplements need child-resistant tin packaging. In addition, nicotine and other possibly harmful substances should have the same safety packaging.

Here are some of the products that need child-safe cannabis tin packaging. However, these are not limited to only these products.

  • Dietary supplements comprising more than 24mg of elemental iron
  • Medications such as allergy medication, antacids, and pain relievers
  • Prescription medications
  • Turpentine
  • Lighter fuel
  • Insecticides
  • Cleaning products like bleaching power
  • Personal care products like mouthwash
  • Household essentials containing sulphuric acid of 10 percent or more, methanol of 4 percent or more, or fluoride of 50mg

Benefits Of Child Resistant Packaging:

Tin King USA is perhaps a leading child-proof packaging supplier that aims to provide extra safety and convenience to parents.

The use of child-resistant tin packaging has several benefits, including convenience, safety and relaxation from accidental consumption of dangerous items by children. Not only for parents and large companies engaged in the manufacturing business of baby food and cleaning essentials, but they are also necessary for companies selling products dangerous if ingested by young children. Manufacturers follow multiple measures to confirm consumer safety. Consequently, they invest in tin containers wholesale to protect the children from exposing to harmful products.

Safety Tips For Cannabis Tin Packaging

  • Supervision of the Entire Home: Keep a check on the things that aren’t suitable for children use. Store such products with extra precaution.
  • Keep commodities at a Height: Store inappropriate items in a place where children cannot reach them. It is like out of sight and out of mind.
  • Read Carefully Safety Instructions: Always remember to read safety instructions. The ideal way to maintain safety is by buying and using Child-resistant tin packaging.
Cannabis Tin Packaging

Cannabis Tin Packaging vs. Stock Packaging

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Personalizing the product’s packaging may be a tremendous asset. But it’s not always the ideal option. You want to differentiate yourself from the competition. But at the same time, you want to minimize wasted time and money. You could also get that high-end appearance through various methods, even before it is time to go fully customized, while you work on growing your brand. In this article, we will talk discuss if cannabis packaging tins are better or if stock packaging is the wiser choice.

What Are Tin Containers for Cannabis?

A cannabis tin metal container is a robust food-grade storage tin that seals in smells and maintains the freshness of your product. These containers are made of tin metal. Tin storage containers are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for everyday cannabis storage since they can be reused and are constructed entirely of recyclable materials. This makes them a perfect fit for the cannabis industry.

What is Stock packaging?

Stock packaging can have a variety of meanings depending on the packaging provider. The inventory item known as stock packaging is readily accessible and prepared to be sent. It is manufactured in enormous quantities, and the price point reflects the economies of scale that result from this production method.

Since the minimum order quantity for stock packaging is far cheaper than that of custom packaging, it is frequently used by new businesses in addition to well-established brands. The product is ready for sale on the market as soon as the manufacturer applies a label to a standard bottle. Stock packaging can also be in the shape of bags, cartons, boxes, and other containers. This refers to an unlabelled product that does not require specialized branding or design and customizing services.

Relatively small cannabis manufacturers and those testing novel products in small batches might benefit greatly by purchasing stock cannabis packaging.

What Is the Difference Between Tin and Stock Packaging?

When compared to packaging made of plastic, a metal container with a lid provides improved protection, portability, and durability. A metal box with a lid won’t break apart like plastic containers, and you won’t have to worry about them harming the product with hazardous microplastics.

Why Is Cannabis Tin Packaging Better?

The structure of the container prevents the marijuana from being damaged by crushing and shields it from the damaging effects of sunlight and water. In addition to protecting the product from air, the container that has been sealed up has also been flushed with nitrogen before the lids have been placed on the cans. Even when the temperature within the can changes, no chemicals will seep out of the can material, which will keep the product’s scent and integrity intact.

The cannabis tin packaging is also resistant to changes in temperature, which means that they do not release any chemical compounds that may suffocate the terpenes in the cannabis and prevent them from releasing their fresh scent. You can preserve the cannabis blossoms for many years in the cans. The conventional plastic packaging that can be found on the market, on the other hand, is not recyclable like tin cans, which are significantly better for the Earth.

Final thoughts

In today’s extremely competitive cannabis industry, it’s more important than ever to stand apart. Your brand should increase client awareness and loyalty. People will recognize your brand if you repeat a message consistently. Customers are more inclined to acquire your goods than others since it’s consistent with their past experiences. Maintaining consistency across your firm provides reliability, and people trust what they can depend on. So to answer the question raised above, it is safe to say that tin containers are the wiser choice. Tin King USA supplies child-proof containers wholesale.

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